Powered by Flowers

Flowers may look pretty, bring us joy and smell great but underneath those colorful petals are some significant powers we can use every day. Realizing we have what we need to protect, boost, improve and even build on our health both physically and mentally through flowers is true power and is something we all haveContinue reading “Powered by Flowers”

Where the Flowers Bloom

I have some long established flower beds in my yard with flowers I love. There are roses, some antique and some common, French lavender, yellow mums, lilies that were given to me by a former co-worker and more. I tried very hard to setup the main flower bed to always have something in bloom fromContinue reading “Where the Flowers Bloom”

Cooking with Flowers

When it comes to cooking and baking flowers can be an important ingredient for adding flavor and uniqueness. Most flowers are edible and can be easily used in lieu of or as a compliment to sugars, spices and herbs. Not only is the taste and flavor enhanced and unique but the healing powers of flowersContinue reading “Cooking with Flowers”

The Fallacy of One Size

There are times in my life when I am a little more emotional than others. Like the silliest thing will have tears welling up in my eyes for no reason. I will be watching a tv show, playing with my son or just some random activity and all of a sudden these odd feelings washContinue reading “The Fallacy of One Size”

Whisper to Me

When you think of a whisper you think of soft spoken words, secrets and intriguing messages; an unveiling of a message shared between a small group. It is interesting to watch people whisper to one another. Two young friends quietly discussing something they both enjoy talking about. Two lovers sharing endearments. Whispering is a secretContinue reading “Whisper to Me”