What I Know About the Basics to Living Well Naturally

It is not always fun to be the new person. We have a deep desire to fit in and be accepted. It is so ingrained in us to not stick out or be unique because when you are there is a risk people won’t like you. Being left out is almost as bad as beingContinue reading “What I Know About the Basics to Living Well Naturally”

The Basic Problem with Troubles in Our Life

I love listening to blues music while I’m in the kitchen cooking. It feels good. Those old record scratchy noises, harmonicas and deep smoky voices transform the job of cooking into an experience. Maybe it’s the fact that most blues music is about pain, heartbreak and trouble someone is in and what fixes anything moreContinue reading “The Basic Problem with Troubles in Our Life”

Why 2021 is the Year to Take Charge of Your Life

I remember the time well. It was a couple weeks before Christmas and I’d just been told my job was being eliminated. I was completely speechless and stunned. It was the first time something like this had ever happened to me and I didn’t understand how. My work performance had been great, my team andContinue reading “Why 2021 is the Year to Take Charge of Your Life”

TUNE IN TUESDAY: How to Use the Energy of 2021 to Make Changes

If you’re struggling with your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, you are not alone. It is in fact the number of one resolution people make each year and yet if we were losing weight we wouldn’t need to repeat it right? Today, on Tune in Tuesday I’m talking about how we can actually upholdContinue reading “TUNE IN TUESDAY: How to Use the Energy of 2021 to Make Changes”

The Overstated Simplicity about Weight Loss

I think the reason most of my diets have not worked in my life is they are sold as overstated simplicity. So, if I just eat more vegetables, reduce red meat and forego wine while exercising 30 minutes a day I will lose weight. If I just drink these 3 smoothies a day I willContinue reading “The Overstated Simplicity about Weight Loss”