Are You Love?

This month’s video log talks about our role as women. The love we generate, flow, build and support in our relationships. These are my thoughts on this unique role and how I’ve seen it transpire in my own marriage and family.

Love Chocolate

Chocolate. There it is in fountains at weddings with big red berries waiting to be dunked. Wrapped prettily in foil wrappers that are elegant it is given as a token of love and endearment. It is warm and comforting on cold winter days in a mug we wrap our hands around. Yes chocolate is indeedContinue reading “Love Chocolate”

Love Hand Me Downs

Growing up I always wore hand-me-downs. Well they were hand-me-downs that came from the local resale shop but still we called them hand-me-downs. It was rare to get something brand new that still had tags on it and came from a regular store. I grew up thinking people who shopped in regular stores must beContinue reading “Love Hand Me Downs”

Love of Handcrafted

Once upon a time everything we used was handcrafted. Hours of meticulous craftsmanship poured into simple items used daily out of necessity. Every item was looked at for it’s multiple purposes in supporting basic human needs for food, shelter and warmth. Handcrafted still though contained those details of beauty and solid quality that made itContinue reading “Love of Handcrafted”

Lava Love

Our son and his friends have this game they call “the floor is lava.” When playing it the object is to not touch the floor or area that is “lava” and reach the other end of the space quickly. Sometimes this means crawling on furniture, dashing across really fast or distracting your opponents so youContinue reading “Lava Love”