What I Know About Love

All this month I’ve been writing these posts about love, all forms and all types. From my own marriage to friendships and even my relationship with God it is all centered on love, but what is love exactly? We are all searching for it, hoping to find it in the sparkling soul of another butContinue reading “What I Know About Love”

Love of Political Differences

Today it seems we are not allowed to be different or have a difference in opinion. If we do we can expect a backlash of how wrong we are and how could we be so limited. We talk about equal rights and loving one another regardless of differences, respecting one another to live the lifeContinue reading “Love of Political Differences”

Love in the Season of Lent

Lent seems early this year but I know deep down it is right on time. It is well needed time to focus on all relationships in my life including that with I share with God. I was always taught Lent was about giving up something, depriving ourselves of something we love as a way toContinue reading “Love in the Season of Lent”

Love & Hope

Love and hope, just two words we hear so often and yet I don’t know that anyone truly knows how best to describe them. These are two words we must feel and can describe in terms of our senses and experiences. We say we have love and hope and yet we don’t generate these thingsContinue reading “Love & Hope”

Love Perfumes

One of the things I really struggled with swapping to more natural products was giving up my designer perfume. I loved the Valentino brand of perfumes and often would ask for them as gifts for my birthday or Christmas. It was lovely to get a bottle of my favorite perfume. I really liked having thoseContinue reading “Love Perfumes”