The Lost Art of People Watching

I heard a podcast the other day that said North Americans have 0.7 friends today. The podcast was from England and was talking about the rise in reported cases of loneliness and depression. To emphasize the point they shared this stat about our lack of in real life friends. From their research we are soContinue reading “The Lost Art of People Watching”

Then the Clutter Went Away

When you begin to use more natural products in your life you for some reason also become more conscious of waste and clutter. You look to extend the life of what you have and up-cycle what is used for new purposes. There’s interest in seeing what you don’t need or what can be done differentlyContinue reading “Then the Clutter Went Away”

Shopping and Saving in 2020

Hopefully with the holidays behind us you are not seeing the credit card bills in your mailbox this month. The piles of debt we can sometimes find ourselves in can be limiting and cause a great deal of stress in our lives. There’s not much more that can cause significant strain in a family thanContinue reading “Shopping and Saving in 2020”

The Diet Purge

Did you start a diet on January 1? Was weight loss or being more healthy on your resolution list for this year? On January 1 there were more people dieting than there will be at any other time in this year. Now that we are approaching the middle of January many of us have alreadyContinue reading “The Diet Purge”

January Flow

I don’t hide the fact that winter is my least favorite of the seasons. It’s the cold really and well the dark too. Now that all the holiday decorations are put up and things around the house are back to normal it feels clean and simple and maybe a little plain. It’s amazing how aContinue reading “January Flow”