Sun Powered Soul

Feeling the sun on my skin is electrifying and calming. It tingles and warms across my face and skin. I am encompassed into this envelope of warmth and brightness that fills me outside in. It feels safe. It feels comforting. I am uplifted in their spirit of the sun. This must be what plants andContinue reading “Sun Powered Soul”

On the First Day of Spring

I have been suffering from spring fever for a couple weeks now. The windows of my home have been able to be opened before we are swamped in clouds of green pollen floating in the air from the pine trees. Right now it’s crisp, clean and refreshing. Grass and flowers are emerging and all theContinue reading “On the First Day of Spring”

Aligning with the Spring Rain

Today I’m listening to the rain pound against the windows and watching it run down the yard. It’s been pouring for hours now with no sign of letting up. It’s one of those chilly days where a fire, good long book and hot bowl of soup sound delightful. (and a nap of course!) Thankfully it’sContinue reading “Aligning with the Spring Rain”

Real Life Luck

We celebrate today St. Patrick’s Day where water and beer is turned green, cabbage is a favorite vegetable and everyone has some relation to being Irish for the day. It’s an optimistic holiday where we can be excited for life, not take things so seriously and lighten up the dull with hearty laughs from pinchingContinue reading “Real Life Luck”

The Difference an Hour Makes

Many of us we will undergo a time change this weekend. It is just 60 minutes difference but the effects of this change will be felt for weeks after it happens! It doesn’t sound like it would be this big of a deal and yet every year many of us struggle with this change. OneContinue reading “The Difference an Hour Makes”