August Natural News

I’m starting with the exclamation that I have no idea how it became August already. It truly seems since we have emerged from the social distancing situation earlier this year that time has gone on uber speed mode. It feels like we are running all the time, catching up and just trying to keep up!Continue reading “August Natural News”

April Natural News

Spring is alive all around us this time of year. Everything is blooming, growing and shows the signs of youth and freshness. We are emerging from our rest awakened in delights of nature. This time of year makes me smile and my heart feel lighter and free just be looking out my window. Of courseContinue reading “April Natural News”

Saving on Your HDHP

When January 1 hit our calendars most of us saw our health plans reset to start over on what the amount we have to pay towards our healthcare needs. These amounts are always higher in the beginning of the year to account for the deductible we must cover before some of our benefits start toContinue reading “Saving on Your HDHP”

Kids Stuff to do on Holidays

It seems kids have at least one day off a month from school for some reason or another and then there is the year end breaks. In our area schools close basically the last 2 and 1/2 weeks of December and first week of January. It’s a large amount of time where parents are jugglingContinue reading “Kids Stuff to do on Holidays”

What I Know for Sure About Fall

Those crisp leaves of bright colors sure have a way of telling us a few things about change. What was once green and lush is now yellows, reds and browns filling the ground all around us. There is very little that doesn’t change and the kindest of changes are the ones we see gradually andContinue reading “What I Know for Sure About Fall”