What I Know About a Natural Spirit

My most carefree moments when I don’t care what my hair looks like and I can’t feel the waistband of my shorts pinching me, feels so liberating. Where I can laugh, smile and enjoy where I am without guilt about being late for something else that is powerful. Those times when I can openly expressContinue reading “What I Know About a Natural Spirit”

Why I Stopped Fighting for My Job

It probably happened before this call but I distinctly remember it somewhere between the f bombs being said by my manager and when I hit my mute button and stopped responding to him. It was that point we all get where we just give up. There’s nothing more to say or do. We reach thatContinue reading “Why I Stopped Fighting for My Job”

To My Broken Spirit

I see you. I see all of you. I see all those times you get up early and wonder how you are going to make it today. The worry you carry about keeping the bills paid while balancing a job that doesn’t fulfill you. The guilt you feel for needing to work late and missingContinue reading “To My Broken Spirit”

What Lights Up Our Spirits at Work

There is a special energy you can feel when you are around someone talking about something that really lights them up. They are way into whatever it is and their entire being radiates this happy energy that captivates you. A friend of mine recently decided she wanted to put herself out there by starting aContinue reading “What Lights Up Our Spirits at Work”

A Bad Day at Work

A bad day will happen sooner or later. As the movie Bull Durham refers to it sometimes it rains and the ball game gets canceled. It is inevitable these times will come and sometimes they even seem to last a few days or weeks. It can be minor annoyances, something not quite working right orContinue reading “A Bad Day at Work”