Mom’s Daisy

One of the most recognized and well-used flowers on our planet is Chamomile. Known as ground apples by the ancient Greeks because of the aroma and flower being similar to that of apple blossoms, chamomile flowers have a deep history when it comes to our health. Be honest, everyone has had a cup of chamomileContinue reading “Mom’s Daisy”

The Warrior’s Flower

Known as St. John’s weed, Italian straw flower, curry plant, dwarf curry, goldilocks and the Everlasting Flower, Helichrysum may be the best kept secret of all when it comes to natural health support and solutions. It is growing in recognition as being known as the Warrior’s Flower for it’s helpful support to soldiers and othersContinue reading “The Warrior’s Flower”

A Rose By Any Other Name

I have found some wacky names for plants this month. It seems most flowers do have a nickname derived from when it was first identified, what it was used for or some other colorful historical or folklore references. No one though appears to have nicknamed the rose with some of these oddly framed references. AContinue reading “A Rose By Any Other Name”

The Smell of Flowers

We love it when our homes smell fresh and even have that light floral aroma that is freshening, calming or even just pleasant. For some of us that sweet scent comes from candles and air fresheners that we use to spruce up the aromas in our homes. When we combine candle light with scent howeverContinue reading “The Smell of Flowers”

Dew of the Sea

The Dew of the Sea plant is universally grown and one of the most recognized in the garden. Other known names of this plant include Old Man, Rose of Mary, Polar Plant, Compass Plant and more commonly Rosemary. Rosemary received it’s Dew of the Sea name from it’s Latin origin and it originated in theContinue reading “Dew of the Sea”