Your Gut Knows

It’s true our guts are like a second heartbeat in our body. Our gut has instincts warning us of stressors, danger and harm. It also is like a central processing center taking in all we put in our bodies to break it down, sort it out and send it in all directions to our cells.Continue reading “Your Gut Knows”

January Natural News

Fresh and New. The words we start each year feeling and hoping for that will support our desires and goals. We enter each new year like having a fresh piece of paper in front of us in which we can draw, doodle or paint whatever we like. It is a new beginning, a fresh start,Continue reading “January Natural News”

Christmastime Foods & Treats

Every where we go this time of year there is food. We are enjoying pot lucks at work and church. We are snacking at parties on pretty appetizers. We are attending dinner parties and celebrations that all have food! It all smells wonderful, looks delicious and we are eating well above what we would normallyContinue reading “Christmastime Foods & Treats”

Better Homes & Gardens Stress

Isn’t it ironic how sometimes simple ends up being more work? I look at all these pretty magazine photo shoots of these simple comfy living rooms all nicely decorated in shades of white for the holidays and think wow that looks beautiful! It’s simple yet homey. It feels yummy and you want to cuddle upContinue reading “Better Homes & Gardens Stress”

What I Know for Sure About Year End Holiday Time

I intentionally held this post back so it would appear between Thanksgiving and Christmastime. I intentionally also held back how I wanted to write this because different approaches kept coming to me on just how to say what I wanted for this special post. Sometimes these posts just pour out of me like smooth morningContinue reading “What I Know for Sure About Year End Holiday Time”