What I Know About Living in Alignment

It’s the best of times when things just flow and everything is ok in every area of your life isn’t it? It’s not too often I can say that though as it seems something is always up somewhere. The general idea of peace in every area of my life where things are good and flowingContinue reading “What I Know About Living in Alignment”

Aligning Intentions & Actions

How many intentions do you currently have set for yourself? I have about a dozen I think. I intend to: Work out 3 times this week Write about 5 blog posts Meal prep my snacks for the week so I don’t slip on my diet Complete all of my to-do list (this might just beContinue reading “Aligning Intentions & Actions”

Pushing Against the Wind

All this month I have been sharing information and support for how to align in our lives. Living in natural alignment creates flow, helps things run more smoothly and feels good to us. We have less stress, are less challenged in balancing all of our demands on time and attention and feel more in controlContinue reading “Pushing Against the Wind”

What I Learned When I Cheated on My Diet

In January I did a 40 day sugar fast and started a low carb diet. It was time I cleaned up my eating and started improving my digestion again. Once I got pass day 4 I really started noticing a difference in my energy and some of the cravings for sugar were starting to pass.Continue reading “What I Learned When I Cheated on My Diet”

What is in Your Cart?

I often get questions about living natural specifically about how we do it on one income. Surely it costs more right? How can I afford “good” products that are pure? After beginning our natural health journey over 3 years ago I am firmly convinced the problem isn’t living natural or even the budget constraints manyContinue reading “What is in Your Cart?”