What I Know for Sure About Fall

Those crisp leaves of bright colors sure have a way of telling us a few things about change. What was once green and lush is now yellows, reds and browns filling the ground all around us. There is very little that doesn’t change and the kindest of changes are the ones we see gradually andContinue reading “What I Know for Sure About Fall”

Ghost and Ghoul Treats

My favorite things about Halloween as an adult is sitting on my front porch with a nice glass of red wine enjoying the warmth of the evening and handing out candy to all the little ones that come. Our neighborhood is one where there are tons of children so there is usually a non-stop flowContinue reading “Ghost and Ghoul Treats”

Zombie Essential Preparations

Until I saw The Walking Dead (TWD) TV show I never gave much thought to zombies outside of Halloween costumes and general entertainment. Zombies were cute little decorations hung and poised to give off a scary decor at Halloween. They were characters in old black and white movies that were mostly harmless and funny. TheyContinue reading “Zombie Essential Preparations”

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

This post was inspired by my son’s love of reading the Captain Underpants series and the classic Peanuts Halloween TV show. It is a little different than my normal blog posts so I hope you enjoy a little light-heart fun this week of Halloween. Chapter 1 – It Always Rains at Night It was aContinue reading “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…”

Family Dinner Times

One of the best parts about fall is the hearty food. I have a list of favorites I actually enjoy making and having for dinner this time of year. These are foods that taste best when it’s chilly outside and the darkness of early evenings brings us inside together. It’s a time of heaping potsContinue reading “Family Dinner Times”