What I Know About Simplicity in Living Well

There is a peace about it. It’s like I can actually take that deep breathe of air and let it out slowly. The sense of well-being coming forth from my lungs because all of me feels it. That feeling things will be alright maybe too. It is a feeling that comes over me when thingsContinue reading “What I Know About Simplicity in Living Well”

The Process of Creating Simplicity in Your Life

I once believed simplicity was similar to having your house cleaned but instead of actually cleaning you just crammed everything in the closets. It looked clean on the surface for guests. I could make things look nice and seem like I had them together just don’t look beyond that point. This is not living simplyContinue reading “The Process of Creating Simplicity in Your Life”

Life is Complicated, Women are Simple

If women were the complication I think by now with all our high tech and data available we would have solved that. I have never thought I was complicated at all though. Stubborn, rebellious even that’s more me for sure but I don’t consider those complicated. I think this perception of complication comes from beingContinue reading “Life is Complicated, Women are Simple”

Simply Put I Forgot

I have a long time friend who is also a mentor to me. She helped me get my start in healthcare when I was young and has grown into that motherly friend and mentor that I know is always there for me. There is the sound advice, no nonsense calling me out on my bullshitContinue reading “Simply Put I Forgot”

Simple Ways I Took Back My Career

We teach our children from a very young age to pick a career. Almost all make believe play and school years are focused on selecting the career that is right for them. We have all invested a lot of time and money for education, training and resumes to position ourselves to the best companies andContinue reading “Simple Ways I Took Back My Career”