Coaching is for Field Sports

A scroll through social media one day identified a wellness coach, lifestyle coach, nutritional guidance coach, exercise coach and even a sleep coach. I’m sure there are a lot more but at this point I was already coached out from seeing it all. They are all showing these before and after shots of incredible results,Continue reading “Coaching is for Field Sports”

Natural Health: What is Old is New Again

Eating strawberries is cool … again. That makes me happy but then I always thought strawberries were awesome. A college course I took in marketing one time gave me a 1-liner that has stuck with me for many years. “There are no coincidences in marketing. Everything is intentional.” That message comes to me when IContinue reading “Natural Health: What is Old is New Again”

What Vitamins Women Actually Need

Men have spent their lifetimes trying to figure women out. To them, we are one of the natural wonders of the world that have no explanation of how it came to be or how it works. There are songs, poems and memes saying just how complicated we are to them. They have called us difficult,Continue reading “What Vitamins Women Actually Need”

Move Your Lymph

Lymph isn’t a sexy thing to talk about. We all have it and yet there are not tons of articles and trending posts about how to keep your lymph health. It is this quiet little area of our bodies that just is there until we are sick though even then I am not sure thereContinue reading “Move Your Lymph”