What Vitamins Do You Actually Need?

Most of us have a few or more vitamin bottles around the house. Vitamins make us feel like we are doing something to take care of ourselves even if nothing else in our life actually may look like it at the moment. With a vitamin we can be assured we did something and it allContinue reading “What Vitamins Do You Actually Need?”

What to Expect With a Natural Health Practitioner

Natural health offers a variety of foundational health support that can not only help us with current health concerns, but supports overall health and well-being. It is not the same as visiting your primary care physician and many are surprised to see there are so many differences. From cost to service, natural health continues toContinue reading “What to Expect With a Natural Health Practitioner”

Is Natural Healthcare Right for You?

There is a growing conversation about natural health these days that is both exciting and concerning. I find it exciting because it means the emergence of appreciating how beautifully designed our bodies are and finding ways to let them do what they do well. It is however also concerning because many people do not understandContinue reading “Is Natural Healthcare Right for You?”

Why Healthcare Puts too Much Stock in Herds

There are two individuals I credit for the biggest contributions making up our current baseline thinking of what health looks like. Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur. These were brilliant men who sought to make the world a better place and their efforts are notable. They gave peace of mind to thousands of people who wereContinue reading “Why Healthcare Puts too Much Stock in Herds”