The Daily Grind

Work is hard. Doesn’t matter what you do for a living, it can be difficult to navigate a work day. Today’s work culture is complex, demanding and unforgiving. Liking or loving your job helps but there are days when even that is not enough to deal with the stress. Here’s some tips that I’ve adoptedContinue reading “The Daily Grind”

Fare Thee Well Summer

I really hate to see Summer wind down. There are lots of people who welcome Fall with the cooler temps, pumpkin flavored everything and change in seasonal colors. These are nice and I don’t necessary mind them but there is just something about Summer for me. I have in fact struggled to write this postContinue reading “Fare Thee Well Summer”

Getting Buggy

With the change of season coming soon, we can expect the annual march of the bugs to attempt to setup in our homes. We deal with bugs year round it seems but more so in the Fall when they are seeking nice warm places to continue thriving, laying eggs and whatever things bugs do in theirContinue reading “Getting Buggy”

Cats & Dogs with Essential Oils

Essential oils are wonderful for you and your pets! We love our pets and want the best for them to stay healthy and active for as long as they can. Essential oils can help with that! Rules for Pets & Essentials Oils Always, always, always dilute prior to topical application. Use 1 drop oil toContinue reading “Cats & Dogs with Essential Oils”

Life Lessons & Oils from Mamma Mia!

I love the witty silly Momma Mia! movies. Both are fun, high energy and packed with lots of stars and funny  moments.  There are not too many movies you watch that have you singing the whole way through and dancing down the stairs to exit afterwards. Among the sorted love triangles and dance moves howeverContinue reading “Life Lessons & Oils from Mamma Mia!”