The Seedy Underbelly of Network Marketing

Network marketing has been compared to the triangular shape of a pyramid where the only people who get involved in this sort of arrangement are stay at home moms and those that want to take advantage of the average hard working individual. This idea being someone at the top recruits a few people to distributeContinue reading “The Seedy Underbelly of Network Marketing”

What Do You With Them?

There is so much talk these days about essential oils and literally every where you go you will see some form of oils on a shelf for purchase. Quite honestly if you’re not familiar with them it’s perfectly fair that a person would not know exactly what they are, what they do or how toContinue reading “What Do You With Them?”

It’s All a Trick to Lock Me In

One of the hesitations I hear about opening a new account with doTERRA is the fear that doing so will result in the person being required to order something every month. That simply is not true with doTERRA.   Opening a new wholesale membership account simply means you have chosen to receive 25% or more offContinue reading “It’s All a Trick to Lock Me In”

Workplace Peace

One of my favorite doTERRA oils is Peace. I gravitate towards this oil quite frequently because I find it calming, soothing and happy. Peace is considered part of the Reassuring blends doTERRA created. The oil is sold in the 5ml bottle size as well as a roller-ball. This is an oil I will take onContinue reading “Workplace Peace”

Outlander – The New World

This was just impossible not to explore further. I had to write more about Outlander and offer some diffuser blends to use while when the dreaded “Drought-lander” finally ends and we can all gleefully watch the newest season come to life from the pages of Drums of Autumn. Since we know they will be inContinue reading “Outlander – The New World”