A Point for Essential Oils: Oregano vs. Amoxicillin

There are many pessimists in the world who say natural solutions and essential oils are not helpful in treating illness or in creating or maintaining health. (Recall my Snake Oil, Anyone? post recently on this topic.) It is unfortunate that given the severity of so many diseases and illnesses that there are not more openContinue reading “A Point for Essential Oils: Oregano vs. Amoxicillin”

Who Really Sells Network Marketing Products?

Network marketing has become a serious business and deserves an updated look from the stereotype that the only people working in this type of business are stay-at-home moms who seek a break from the babies and toddlers on their hips. In the boom of Tupperware and Avon, yes the majority of people who sold productsContinue reading “Who Really Sells Network Marketing Products?”

Snake Oil Anyone?

Someone on Twitter accused me of being a snake oil dealer the other day. I was shocked at the insult and taken aback to see it come from someone in the health care field. The very same health care field I too work in outside of my essential oils business. Perhaps it is the resultContinue reading “Snake Oil Anyone?”

Daily Health Habits Challenge

Starting April, 2 doTERRA is hosting a health habit challenge.  It is an opportunity to be more mindful of our habits and promote a way to achieving better health. I personally love this challenge because it is one every one can do. This challenge includes those that already have good healthy habits like exercising everyContinue reading “Daily Health Habits Challenge”

Let’s Learn About Oils!

I will be hosting a Facebook Live class on April 2 at 7PM EDT to discuss: What is an essential oil? How to use them safely and why quality matters The 10 most commonly used oils How to get oils This class is free to attend and no purchase is required. If you see somethingContinue reading “Let’s Learn About Oils!”