What I Know For Sure About Early Spring

Early spring is much like pre-dawn. Everything is dark, still chilly from the nighttime and quiet. We savor that quietness in meditation and prayer knowing the day will soon dawn and activity will burst and bustle around us. In this moment however before all that starts we enjoy this peaceful, quiet time. We look forwardContinue reading “What I Know For Sure About Early Spring”

Let's Just Be Free of It

When I am able to shake loose of something that has been limiting and holding me down it feels incredible. When I’m not letting standard measurements of success an failure be my markers I feel liberated. I mean seriously when you’re able to shrug off a large debt with that very last payment, close anContinue reading “Let's Just Be Free of It”

The Power of Touch

A really warm, loving, strong embrace that you feel encompassed by. It strengthens, comforts and fills you with hope. That simple gesture uplifts your soul, letting you know you are loved, appreciated, included, supported and cared for. That embrace is safe letting us know it’s ok to let tears fall and our guard off dutyContinue reading “The Power of Touch”

What If It Were Easy?

I’ve heard the old adages if it were easy everyone would be doing it and if it were easy then we wouldn’t be grateful for it. Who made these up anyway? Are these adages really true? If someone gives us something we are struggling to earn and achieve are we really less appreciative of it?Continue reading “What If It Were Easy?”

Out of Words

I admit sometimes I sit at my keyboard and don’t know what to say. When that happens it’s so easy to scroll social media and mindlessly look through the latest on Instagram. Here I am at 5:30 AM at my keyboard with the intention of writing and I’m wasting time on social media when IContinue reading “Out of Words”