Leading the Change in How MLM is Done

As I build my own business in direct sales I am acutely aware of how I present what this business is like to others who may be interested. If I don’t feel good about the actions I’m taking in my business how can I expect someone new to come in and love doing that? IfContinue reading “Leading the Change in How MLM is Done”

Why We Wait Until Things Are Bad

Have you ever been laid off or even fired from your job? Almost everyone has and if you’re one of the few who have been fortunate not to yet, I hate to tell you but one day it will happen. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 1 in 18 working adults will change jobsContinue reading “Why We Wait Until Things Are Bad”

Showing Up Even When No One Else Does

Every book I’ve read about sales and direct marketing says you have to be consistent in everything you do. The more you are consistent the more likely you will eventually see progress and growth in your business. Without consistency you are floundering and disorganized leading to being unprepared for when opportunity shows up. The philosophyContinue reading “Showing Up Even When No One Else Does”

Don’t Ask Everyone

You know how you find a chic new brand of clothing or handbag and you absolutely adore their style and no one else has anything like it? Everyone notices it and it’s a bit fun to withhold where you found that fabulous outfit or that gorgeous handbag. It makes you feel special and that youContinue reading “Don’t Ask Everyone”

The B List of My MLM

There are a ton of people who sell direct marketing company products and services. We are all selling the something and many of us are selling the same things so what makes some of us more successful than others? How do you really stand out among the masses when it comes to building your MLMContinue reading “The B List of My MLM”