OnGuard Winner!

OnGuard is super at keeping your immunity strong so you can stay healthy against germs, viruses and bacteria. It’s easy to use too! Here are some favorites of mine when using this powerful oil blend: Place a drop on the bottom of your feet for daily immuity protection Diffuse to cleanse the air of virusesContinue reading “OnGuard Winner!”

A Regular Day with Extraordinary Oils

Oils are every where in our home these days.  We still have some things to transition from chemical to natural based cleaners but the changes we’ve made so far I couldn’t be more satisfied on. Now that we do have a bunch of things changed however, I wanted to show you what a regular dayContinue reading “A Regular Day with Extraordinary Oils”

The Case Between YL and doTERRA

This article is boldly spoken and may offend  some. It is not my intent to be offensive. I am stating my opinion and facts known generally to the public.  The 6 year old court case between Young Living and doTERRA was finally concluded recently. First, I’m very happy the courts resolved it in favor ofContinue reading “The Case Between YL and doTERRA”

Sudsy Situations

The newest cleaner to be replaced in our home with an all natural product is the dish soap. I seriously don’t know why it took me so long to do this one. Replacing dish soap is easy and even more easy than some of the other things I have replaced since starting this process. SeveralContinue reading “Sudsy Situations”

What My Orders Look Like

Are you ready to start incorporating natural products in your life but don’t know what that means? There’s still time in August to get started and save a bundle doing it – I will help you too! Most who haven’t had the chance to try how wonderful essential oils and natural products are for yourContinue reading “What My Orders Look Like”