What to Expect With a Natural Health Practitioner

Natural health offers a variety of foundational health support that can not only help us with current health concerns, but supports overall health and well-being. It is not the same as visiting your primary care physician and many are surprised to see there are so many differences. From cost to service, natural health continues toContinue reading “What to Expect With a Natural Health Practitioner”

In Service Big and Small

It is easy to take notice when someone does something heroic and big. It is exciting and compelling to watch someone step in and do something that seems out of reach for for someone else. It makes us all feel good and maybe even inspired to do more ourselves. Sometimes it takes someone doing somethingContinue reading “In Service Big and Small”

The Gory Details of Warrior Anxiety

When I feel my blood pumping as a result of having a sudden shock of surprise from something it makes me feel anxious. That switch in my brain goes from relaxed and enjoyment to stress and anxiety and then has a hard time switching back. I think that is one of the side effects ofContinue reading “The Gory Details of Warrior Anxiety”

Why I Stopped Fighting for My Job

It probably happened before this call but I distinctly remember it somewhere between the f bombs being said by my manager and when I hit my mute button and stopped responding to him. It was that point we all get where we just give up. There’s nothing more to say or do. We reach thatContinue reading “Why I Stopped Fighting for My Job”

The Be Kind Movement is Bogus

We can say practice kindness and be more kind but in my mind those are just words. The mom in me hears this instructional voice telling her son to be kind. Yet if he doesn’t know how to do that because he hasn’t seen it from me or he isn’t sure how to do itContinue reading “The Be Kind Movement is Bogus”