The Stinky Armpit Situation

When it comes to natural deodorant, I think this was by far the stinkiest and hardest transition we have made in our adventure to use more natural products in our life. As I write this post we are still working through an ideal solution for our needs. I was always a Dove or Secret brandContinue reading “The Stinky Armpit Situation”

The Lives and Jobs Measurement for Determining Bottom Line Results

I’ve been to many corporate conventions in my career. Usually they are filled with numbers, statistics, reports of achievements, bonus numbers and visions for the coming times. These events are positive, uplifting rah-rah events to motivate employees into action for the profit of the company and bottom line to shareholders. The doTERRA Dream Global ConventionContinue reading “The Lives and Jobs Measurement for Determining Bottom Line Results”

5 Things You Should Never Do If You’re Using Essential Oils

When you use essential oils you can achieve some wonderful things in your life that will promote natural health and well-being. With the reduction of chemicals, pesticides and toxins for instance, we can equip our bodies with natural defenses to protect against diseases and illnesses. This is possible because our bodies respond well to natureContinue reading “5 Things You Should Never Do If You’re Using Essential Oils”

Roll It On

The roller ball bottle is a popular way to use essential oils for both new and long time oil lovers. These crafty little oil bottles not only make application easy on-the-go without worry of blending or mixing when needed but they also are fun to use. What is a Roller Ball Bottle? A roller ballContinue reading “Roll It On”