What I Learned from a Nurse

Working in healthcare the past 30 years has meant I’ve worked with quite a few nurses. Some I have become very good friends with over the years and others I couldn’t wait to get away from. They all shared however the common trait of genuinely caring for people. Underneath their sometimes overly direct, rough exteriorsContinue reading “What I Learned from a Nurse”

Love Chocolate

Chocolate. There it is in fountains at weddings with big red berries waiting to be dunked. Wrapped prettily in foil wrappers that are elegant it is given as a token of love and endearment. It is warm and comforting on cold winter days in a mug we wrap our hands around. Yes chocolate is indeedContinue reading “Love Chocolate”

Love of Spending

I have always been a saver mostly and have never really enjoyed spending large sums of money. Namely because I didn’t always have it and when I do I want to keep it for as long as possible; you know for rainy days and emergencies. Maybe this is because I had a tin piggy bankContinue reading “Love of Spending”

It’s a Messy Life

We all have different views of our life that we show people. We want to show we have our act together, our homes are always clean and our family is always happy, organized and on time. It’s like we’re trying to live life as it’s seen in tv shows and commercials. I’m not sure aboutContinue reading “It’s a Messy Life”

Our Journey with PTSD

I’ve actually had this post written for months but it never felt right to publish it. I would occasionally see it in my drafts and pass by it not wanting to talk about it. I didn’t want to talk about it at home anymore either much less write about it and yet I did. IContinue reading “Our Journey with PTSD”