Homeostasis and Your Health

Our bodies have a continual goal of being in a state of homeostasis. This is where our body, mind and spirit are most aligned in harmony for supporting optimal health and well-being. It is the sweet spot where things are working properly on their own and we feel good. The struggle comes in that homeostasisContinue reading “Homeostasis and Your Health”

Why Healthcare Puts too Much Stock in Herds

There are two individuals I credit for the biggest contributions making up our current baseline thinking of what health looks like. Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur. These were brilliant men who sought to make the world a better place and their efforts are notable. They gave peace of mind to thousands of people who wereContinue reading “Why Healthcare Puts too Much Stock in Herds”

The Edge of Humanity

This past summer we took a weekend family getaway to a small mountain town. It was one of those gimmick places with lots of tourist t-shirt shops, fudge and sweet shops, arcades and activities aimed at family fun. Like typical getaways our family does, we successfully crammed five days of activities into 48 hours andContinue reading “The Edge of Humanity”

In Service Big and Small

It is easy to take notice when someone does something heroic and big. It is exciting and compelling to watch someone step in and do something that seems out of reach for for someone else. It makes us all feel good and maybe even inspired to do more ourselves. Sometimes it takes someone doing somethingContinue reading “In Service Big and Small”

Finding the Right Mentor Within Ourselves

I have at times had various mentors in my life; probably not enough when I could have used one but I still managed. A mentor can be a great value to help you figure something out but not having one doesn’t reduce the responsibility. It is still up to us to apply, change, grow, transformContinue reading “Finding the Right Mentor Within Ourselves”