Shopping and Saving in 2020

Hopefully with the holidays behind us you are not seeing the credit card bills in your mailbox this month. The piles of debt we can sometimes find ourselves in can be limiting and cause a great deal of stress in our lives. There’s not much more that can cause significant strain in a family thanContinue reading “Shopping and Saving in 2020”

90 Days From Now

In less than 90 days from today it will start to show the signs of Spring. Little crocus flowers will start to emerge followed by daffodils and small leaves on the trees. If you live where it snows that too will start to show signs of melting. The days will feel warmer and the sunContinue reading “90 Days From Now”

2020 Wellness Box Challenge

As I start January my mind is completely on detoxing from the holidays. All those yummy Christmas cookies, lazy evenings playing board games and slower pace of life were wonderful but I feel ready to apply changes. As I’ve written already this month and more to come I think it’s important to pace changes inContinue reading “2020 Wellness Box Challenge”

Shaking Up Your Health

The January health kick is in full swing. Gyms are full and there are sales on health foods and vitamins every where you look. After spending the last two months enjoying ourselves, letting it all go and taking in all the homemade mac-n-cheese we can handle over the holidays many of us are looking toContinue reading “Shaking Up Your Health”

Best of 2019

I did this top 10 most liked blog posts last year to commemorate the first year of my blog. I did it out of curiosity to learn what my new readers and followers liked so I could more of that in 2019. It surprised me what people liked the most. Some posts I thought forContinue reading “Best of 2019”