What It Takes to Break Up with Sugar

Sweet, sweet sugar. The essence of every dessert. The delectable treat of every holiday, major and minor life event. It is the sweet comfort of tears and broken hearts too! Yes, sugar is both celebrator and comforter cornerstone ever present. How then can we even imagine a life without it? Is it even possible toContinue reading “What It Takes to Break Up with Sugar”

The Chicken Nugget Diet

Our son is like most kids. He loves soccer, being outside, video games, and chicken nuggets. When we first adopted him, I nicknamed him my little chicken nugget because that’s what he liked to eat. At the time, I didn’t think anything about it. Yes, I wanted him to eat healthy but it was afterContinue reading “The Chicken Nugget Diet”

Do the Ingredients Really Matter?

Ingredients in our personal care products is much like getting my son to try a new vegetable. You know it’s good for you but you fear the taste, texture or some element of it will not be to your liking. Does it really matter? The ingredients in things that we use so commonly every day.Continue reading “Do the Ingredients Really Matter?”

How to Really Save on Your Health Insurance

There are times we need healthcare facilities, like hospitals. They have a role and purpose. Many of us rely on healthcare and are thankful for the advances they have made to save the life of a loved one. There is good with healthcare and many a good intended heart works in this space. However, theyContinue reading “How to Really Save on Your Health Insurance”

What to Put in Your Natural Health First Aid Kit

We are all familiar with the little red and white boxes filled with bandages, gauze and tools to help with the emergencies of life. Many of us have these located around our homes, in our cars, on boats and various other places where they can be handy. It is recommended that at least annually youContinue reading “What to Put in Your Natural Health First Aid Kit”