Favorite Blends

These are the top 5 doTERRA blended oils we use in our home every day.  If you’ve never tried essential oils, this is a reason to seriously consider doing so. These oils are blends meaning they contain multiple oils in just the right amount to deliver awesome health supporting benefits. Usually these blend oils containContinue reading “Favorite Blends”

Its in the Mail

I noticed our young son gets a lot of mail. Cards from grandmas and aunts, invitations to birthday parties and of course his magazines – Lego, Hi-Lights and the local zoo publication. When he’s home, he loves to run out when he hears the mail truck coming to get the mail personally from the mailContinue reading “Its in the Mail”

Confessions of a Skeptic

You my dear sweet skeptical friend are wonderful! It’s a great skill to be skeptical. We live in an age where more people should be skeptical of what we hear and see especially when we’re told something is good for us or this is the best deal ever! Skepticism is good.  How though can skepticismContinue reading “Confessions of a Skeptic”

Paying It Forward

doTERRA is a huge contributor and participant in communities across the globe. The organization that intentionally and purposely sources its oils from real family farms and rural villages globally does more than just provide income producing work. They actually work towards improving the lives of everyone they touch. Commission Structure Let’s start basic. doTERRA WellnessContinue reading “Paying It Forward”

Sick Care Vs. Health Care

I heard someone say recently that we have just gotten used to feeling bad. We are used to having to take daily prescription medications and over-the-counter stuff and have no idea what it is to feel good. We keep adding more medicines and don’t ever get to the point where we are better.  Not manyContinue reading “Sick Care Vs. Health Care”