What I Know About Natural Wisdom

Wisdom is this funny thing that can be so subjective and yet at the same time distinct and timeless. Not all wisdom is meant for everyone or maybe it is depending on where you are in your life and when you are ready to hear wise words to guide you. What I know about wisdomContinue reading “What I Know About Natural Wisdom”

The Wisdom in Living Well

I believe there is a wisdom in living well. Some people seem to have figured this out and you can almost feel this energy around them that something is just different. Most of us are just trying to get through the day or week so we can catch up on the other stuff in ourContinue reading “The Wisdom in Living Well”

Dream Wisdom

I’m certain most of my dreams are like everyone else’s in that I’m dreaming of a good life, fun happy times, maybe something I’m looking forward to doing. In these dreams I’m feeling good, radiant even and I don’t feel like there is any of this normal stress I feel usually happening. My body evenContinue reading “Dream Wisdom”

Getting to the Bottom of Your Wisdom

Today’s video log is talking through the voices in our heads. We all have one who is simply trying to do her best to keep us safe but let’s all admit that sometimes it’s not helpful. I’m sorting through what it all means in these voice messages and how we can take it to liveContinue reading “Getting to the Bottom of Your Wisdom”

The Wisdom in a Vase of Kentucky Mint

I moved from Kentucky to South Carolina quite a while ago. For the longest time I missed living in Kentucky. It was a beautiful state, I had lots of friends there and a job I actually liked most days. There was however adventure awaiting for me in South Carolina that would lead to a family,Continue reading “The Wisdom in a Vase of Kentucky Mint”