Choosing to Not Live in Fear

I have been afraid before. There are many things that scare me but in true grown up ways I call it things like being concerned. No one wants to admit they are afraid. That is simply weak and adults who are success can’t afford to say that. It seems human nature to fear what weContinue reading “Choosing to Not Live in Fear”

When Natural Doesn’t Seem Like It Works

It took me a while to figure out that sometimes natural products don’t work. GASP! Here I am the person who writes a natural living blog telling you that sometimes things do not work when it comes to natural products. That just sealed your conviction it really is all a bunch of hocus pocus didn’tContinue reading “When Natural Doesn’t Seem Like It Works”

Living Your Best Life … Every Day

When I first heard the comment that someone was living their best life, it was in reference to staying at a friends house that had a pool they could use for the weekend. It was a nice treat for a hot summer weekend for sure. However, the more I heard this saying it was alwaysContinue reading “Living Your Best Life … Every Day”

The Modern Day Mid-Life Crisis

A mid-life crisis used to be described as this point in time when men would go out and buy a shiny red sports car and find a younger and blonder person by their side. Everyone could see these men were trying to tightly clench their own youthful vitality through redefining what made them feel alive.Continue reading “The Modern Day Mid-Life Crisis”