Our Childhood Journey

Each of us has memories growing up. Some things hopefully we remember fondly. Children are constantly learning, growing and excelling at new things every day. Their bodies are changing at a rapid pace. I will often look at my son in the mornings as he’s getting up and ask “Why did you grow again lastContinue reading “Our Childhood Journey”

Kids Help Us Be More Natural

Kids are naturals at being creative. Our son is always coming up with some new way to use a simple box or leftover piece of PVC. He’s like a natural born recycler at all he can think of do it with things I would otherwise toss. As a mom supporting our family with natural healthContinue reading “Kids Help Us Be More Natural”

Bamboozled on Life

I meet a lot of people who express interest in living more natural and being healthier. It seems weight, energy, sleep and just being free of pain are issues many of us deal with regularly. It’s these things I hear and see written on these kind yet stressed, tired faces: I just wish I feltContinue reading “Bamboozled on Life”

Caring for Our Family

It may not seem like it when you’re with them every day but being with our family is good for us. These deep relationships enrich our lives and give us blessings each and every day. Yes, those blessings are happening even when the kids are fighting, the house is a mess or you’re knee deepContinue reading “Caring for Our Family”

Family Fun Nights

At our house our favorite family fun night includes movies while eating buttery popcorn and our favorite junk food. It is nice to cuddle up, relax and enjoy one another while watching something we can all enjoy, not worrying about calories or carbs and just being. We do enjoy the occasional board or card gameContinue reading “Family Fun Nights”