Having a Natural Summer

It’s easier to get some changes made in summer than it is in winter. We are more active in warmer weather making weight loss goals more obtainable. We are more likely to have access to fresh foods including fruits and vegetables to try new things and positively influence our diets. We are more relaxed andContinue reading “Having a Natural Summer”

Summer Cleaning

Spending time cleaning your house while everyone is having fun outside during the summer is torture. It pains me to think of spending a precious Saturday running the washing machine, pushing the vacuum or dusting. I realize there are always some chores you can’t get away from like the dishes or a quick pick upContinue reading “Summer Cleaning”

Sunburned and Tired

A day out in the sun playing and having fun is my idea of a perfect summer day. Out in the pool, at the beach, cooking out, playing toss games, reading in a hammock, it doesn’t matter. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be sunny. It’s going to have water and cold things.Continue reading “Sunburned and Tired”

Summer Pets

Our two golden retrievers love the pool, well any water at all, but they can be found just about every day in our backyard pool year round. Our golden Rosa is the entire reason we put in a pool originally. It’s fun to watch them jump in, swim around and then get out and shakeContinue reading “Summer Pets”

Summer at Work

There are a lot of ways to enjoy summer even if you are stuck working. Finding these enjoyable means to bring summer into our day when we can’t be out chasing the butterflies helps us feel more positive, lighter and active. Summer is a higher energy time of year for most of us as weContinue reading “Summer at Work”