July Natural News

When I choose the word FREE as this month’s 2020 Wellness Challenge I wasn’t thinking of July 4th or other historic events though they do seem to align. When I sat to build out the theme for each month FREE came up as a result of the work we have been doing to this point.Continue reading “July Natural News”

June Natural News

As I look forward to this month with school getting out and summer vacations coming soon I marvel at how much time passes. We build so many memories each day and most of them we won’t ever remember but when I look back it’s usually this time of year where those daily memories catch upContinue reading “June Natural News”

May Natural News

May is such a beautiful month. The cold winter memories safely packed away and in it’s place bright blooming flowers, fresh green grasses and new leaves bursting on the trees. It is the perfect post card month of what spring looks and feels like. These signs in nature that have changed from bareness, grays andContinue reading “May Natural News”

April Natural News

Spring is alive all around us this time of year. Everything is blooming, growing and shows the signs of youth and freshness. We are emerging from our rest awakened in delights of nature. This time of year makes me smile and my heart feel lighter and free just be looking out my window. Of courseContinue reading “April Natural News”

March Natural News

The early buds of spring popping from the ground. The warm sun dripping deeper into days to make them longer. We are emerging from a long winter’s nap into a warm delight of Earth’s awakening. We are seeing new growth emerge against still cold damp ground as if to tell us hope is turning intoContinue reading “March Natural News”