April Natural News

Spring is alive all around us this time of year. Everything is blooming, growing and shows the signs of youth and freshness. We are emerging from our rest awakened in delights of nature. This time of year makes me smile and my heart feel lighter and free just be looking out my window. Of courseContinue reading “April Natural News”

March Natural News

The early buds of spring popping from the ground. The warm sun dripping deeper into days to make them longer. We are emerging from a long winter’s nap into a warm delight of Earth’s awakening. We are seeing new growth emerge against still cold damp ground as if to tell us hope is turning intoContinue reading “March Natural News”

February Natural News

February. The month of paper red hearts, Elmer’s glue and vases of flowers. The month of candy heart messages and endearments we share with each other. While it is cold outside we warm each other with expressions of love, care and connection snuggling deep under blankets and togetherness. It is indeed a beautiful month toContinue reading “February Natural News”

What I Know for Sure about 2020

This is an amazing time to be alive. The year 2020 seems to hold promise unlike any year prior has for a long time. It’s going to be a brilliant year! What we manifest can be possible in a year as magical as this one. There is power in this year and you can feelContinue reading “What I Know for Sure about 2020”

Living Better in 2020

This is a video blog post instead of my usual typed written post. As I look to continue providing you with educational and entertaining information about my family’s journey on living more natural this year I wanted to enhance that experience for you. These videos share more deeply my personal thoughts and opinions about whatContinue reading “Living Better in 2020”