2022: A Gift of Stepping into the Unknown

A new year brings so much prospect of hope for better. It is always the bright shining prospect of new, different and most certainly better. Even if we had a fine year it can always be better, right? Maybe this is our year! All those dreams, goals and aspirations we have ever wanted can comeContinue reading “2022: A Gift of Stepping into the Unknown”

The Gift of Surviving it All

This has been a tough couple years. OK, I’m correcting myself now. It’s been a tough 5 years! It’s been a hell-a-ride on a monster roller coaster with a weird psycho at the controls. While I can look back at it all and say I made it, I can also realize how deeply tired IContinue reading “The Gift of Surviving it All”

The Gifts of Menopause and College

Mixed in between the crayons, pencils and other standard elementary school supplies I bought in August, were a couple large multi-subject notebooks, a pack of gel pens and pastel highlighters. I remember putting them in the cart thinking I would need them and best get them now while everything was on sale. Such an adultContinue reading “The Gifts of Menopause and College”

Presents versus Gifts

Presents come from Santa. This is per our 10 year old son. All too aware of how in not to much many more years he will know what is behind Santa’s delivery magic, I simply agreed with him. He then went on to say gifts come from mom and dad. The difference of a presentContinue reading “Presents versus Gifts”

The Gift of Childlike Perspective

It is not just the cookies and sweets this time of year. A sugar high factors into it but honestly it is just pure exhilaration of the time of year. There is not a child on this planet not in high hyper mode impatiently waiting for year end holidays. The anticipation of mailing that letterContinue reading “The Gift of Childlike Perspective”