Oils for the Road

Whether going across town or across the country I will have a travel sized setup of essential oils with me. These oils are my first aid for a multitude of situations. In fact, I am writing this post while sitting on a layover in Dallas and was inspired to talk about this after a tripContinue reading “Oils for the Road”

Treasure Haul – Finds From the Fabric Bin

There is a bin near the cutting station in every fabric store that is a gold mine. Sure you may have to spend a little time digging but there is gold there my friend. Fabric Gold. This special bin at my local fabric store is usually full especially after there’s been a sale or busyContinue reading “Treasure Haul – Finds From the Fabric Bin”

Lavender Love

There is a love affair with lavender underway. Maybe it’s the result of the essential oil phenomenon. Maybe it’s something deeper. So many of us are stressed, overworked, uber busy and running at level 10 all the time we are seeking relief where we can get it. Often that means spritzing a little lavender inContinue reading “Lavender Love”

A Normal Person Balancing Natural Living

I don’t think I’m weird. Using essential oils and natural products I don’t believe has made me strange. I’m still the mom driving a minivan trying to fit it all in and make it look good while doing it between career and family. I still love coffee in big cups, junk food that comes inContinue reading “A Normal Person Balancing Natural Living”

Threading Carefully

When I’m piecing a new quilt, attaching binding or quilting a top I have found the thread I use matters not only for the final look but for durability. I’m not a specific brand advocate when it comes to thread as I have found some very nice threads that were inexpensive and did a fabulousContinue reading “Threading Carefully”