March Natural News

Ah, springtime is in the air.... or coming soon to your area. Finally we can start letting go of the blustery cold binds of winter and start to feel the warm winds touch our face. Spring has a way of awakening not only the Earth but our souls. We feel lighter, happier and more energetic.... Continue Reading →

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Clean Shopping

When it comes to purchasing cleaners for our home, most of us pick those up when we are grocery shopping or picking up things at our favorite big box store. It's just something we casually remember we need and toss in our carts. There are also many of us who shop for cleaners online using... Continue Reading →

All Hail the Dust-Bunny

Everyone of us has dust in our home. As I write this post I see dust at the back side of my desk around the pencil cup and behind the monitor. I use this desk every day so you'd think it would not have time to get dusty but yet there it is. It does... Continue Reading →

Naturally Clean

Last year I changed our household cleaner to the doTERRA OnGuard Concentrate. Since I've switched I've purchased 3 bottles of this cleaner. That's an entire year of having to only purchase a cleaner 3 times! If I want to be technical about it, I actually only purchased 2 for my own use and I ended... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Clean 2019

The family budget is a fickle thing. We are constantly trying to stretch, bend, pull or fill it to fit our needs, enjoy a few fun things and give our kids a little more than we had. Each year the cost of raising a family increases just a little making the acrobats we do with... Continue Reading →

Living Clutter Free

This is my dream. To live in a clutter free space. When that happens I feel so light, creative and content. It's easy to find things. I can open a cabinet and not be attacked by things inside. I can even put something in a closet or cabinet without pushing my weight against the door... Continue Reading →

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