November News & Specials


Here come the holidays and busiest times of the year. While many of us look forward to this time of year there are a lot of stressors that can make what should be a happy time of year, sad, frustrating and even painful. I know there are times I just don't feel as festive as … Continue reading November News & Specials


How Smells Make Us Feel Sick or Well

It never matters the cause that brought you there or time of day or night, every single emergency room has the same complex emotions and energy inside those sliding glass doors and all of them smell the same. It's like a chain restaurant that always has the same menu offerings and smells the same no … Continue reading How Smells Make Us Feel Sick or Well

Why Am I Just So Tired All the Time?

Rest is so vital to our health physically and emotionally yet many of us don't sleep well regularly. Can you say you get the recommended amount of sleep according to these time frames? Sleep Needs by Age Group: Adult: 7 – 9 hours Teenager: 8 – 10 hours Child 6 – 12 years: 9- 12 hours Child … Continue reading Why Am I Just So Tired All the Time?

Natural Health Gift Guide 2018

How do you do your holiday shopping? Many of us start holiday shopping early in order to get the best pricing and selection. Some of us even pick up things throughout the year as they find items on sale or unique items you know you will not find again. A growing number of us shop … Continue reading Natural Health Gift Guide 2018

Surviving Life’s Volcanoes

This has been a year full of transformation in our family. Through these changes, I've come to appreciate some of these changes and others have been very trying.  I have also had the chance to learn a lot about myself and while not all the things we've gone through this year have been easy I … Continue reading Surviving Life’s Volcanoes

Do You Know Why doTERRA BOGOs Are Exciting?

A couple times a year doTERRA will run a Buy One Get One sales special for a whole week. These typically occur in the Spring, Summer and the week of Thanksgiving leading up to Black Friday. Since the big Thanksgiving week BOGO is coming up NEXT WEEK, it's good to refresh on how this work … Continue reading Do You Know Why doTERRA BOGOs Are Exciting?