September Natural News

Happy Fall Y'all! This is the start of the busy season in our lives as we start to think about what we need in preparation for rest and comforts inside. We are harvesting and reaping what was planted, nurtured and watched closely for what grew. Autumn leaves may be starting to show the splendor of… Continue reading September Natural News

40 Days of Strategy

There is a lot of numerology and religious ties to 40, particularly 40 days. Noah was stuck on a boat for 40 days and 40 nights. The season of Lent is 40 days. Most pregnancies are for about 40 weeks. You can see that this is indeed a special number. 40 is a special time… Continue reading 40 Days of Strategy

How to Teach about Your Products

There are many ways you can approach selling your products. Many have found incredible success in making sales through teaching classes, hosting parties or making presentations. These methods are some of the best ways to share information, answer questions and demonstrate the value of your products. You have a captive audience and perfect opportunity to… Continue reading How to Teach about Your Products

What a Win Tastes Like

If a win had a taste what would it be like for you? Can you see what it looks like and imagine the victory of the win being celebrated? Is there confetti falling all around you with cheers and congratulations being tossed freely? Is there music playing and are there balloons and streamers? Taking it… Continue reading What a Win Tastes Like

Stop Being Embarrassed You are in Direct Sales

Why are we so worried what other people will say or think when we share we are doing direct sales? Why do we feel so rejected and disappointed when they don't seem happy or even supportive of our decision? Why does their opinion take away the glitter and excitement of what we felt was right… Continue reading Stop Being Embarrassed You are in Direct Sales

The No Money Objection

As consumers we love finding a deal that makes us think we are saving money. This makes us feel better about our purchase and that we're making the right choice. It could be we found a fabulous outfit we really wanted that was a little out of our price range but is now on sale.… Continue reading The No Money Objection