Getting to the Core of Self Love

As I looked back at this month’s self-love posts, a common thread has appeared. I didn’t intend that as I started writing each post but it’s come out nonetheless. When we think of self love and we are already feeling overwhelmed it can seem like just another chore to fit into a busy schedule.  When weContinue reading “Getting to the Core of Self Love”

Letting Go of Anchors

Sometimes the best self love we can give ourselves is a cleaning out of all that is no longer serving us. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual clutter the things, thoughts and feelings we keep in our space can be the very things that are holding us back from a deeper relationship with ourselves.Continue reading “Letting Go of Anchors”

Chocolate Cows, Life and Self-Love

I love watching how our son’s mind works. You can see his active imagination grab hold and create these crazy fun stories and wild out of this world ways that he thinks things might work.  My all time favorite so far was when he was 3 and we were talking about why the next dayContinue reading “Chocolate Cows, Life and Self-Love”

If the Clothes Make the Man, Why Don’t We Just Change Outfits?

Do you know why designer labels are so expensive and fussed over even if they are the ugliest thing you have ever seen and regardless of the price there will be someone who buys and wears it? It’s partly because of the exclusivity and prestige that is associated with a designer label stitched to thatContinue reading “If the Clothes Make the Man, Why Don’t We Just Change Outfits?”

Setting New Habits Based on Self Love

We are creatures of habit whether we like admitting that or not. Almost daily we will repeat the same patterns and choices in the routine of our daily lives. Habits form from our routines and quickly become embedded in how we spend our time, make choices and how empowered we feel to bring changes toContinue reading “Setting New Habits Based on Self Love”