What I Know About Living in Natural Luxury

I have said many times in my life, usually when I’m doing something I don’t want to be doing, that I wish I could win the lottery. What I am really saying in those moments is I would rather be doing something else. I have fallen into this thinking that if I only had enoughContinue reading “What I Know About Living in Natural Luxury”

When There is More than Just Money

In my business I measure more than just sales to determine my progress for a month. Sales volume and profit are certainly important but I’ve come to see more than that in terms of determining if and how much I’m succeeding. I look at what I put into it, the effort, how much it inspiredContinue reading “When There is More than Just Money”

Finding the Right Natural Luxury

Here’s the thing, everyone will try to sell you something all the time. It is not always a matter of it being right for you or even the right time to buy but rather if they can get you to buy it right now. The game is often the sale and not you. We areContinue reading “Finding the Right Natural Luxury”

Naturally Living in Luxury

Would you describe your life as luxurious? Right now, in this very moment, do you feel luxury around you? Today’s video log talks about how to stop limiting ourselves from the luxury around us every day. When we do this we release an incredible level of luxury that changes how we see things and howContinue reading “Naturally Living in Luxury”

Natural Luxury vs. Lavishness

I think we have become misguided on what living in luxury looks like. By this I mean we have mistaken lavishness for luxury. We see people lots of things, a big expensive house and cars and think they must be wealthy. Yet when we look deeper we often don’t see the very thing that wasContinue reading “Natural Luxury vs. Lavishness”