Burn Your Diet Plan

How often do you feel helpless and even powerless to achieving your health goals? Or that you’re not good at something that is supposed to be good for you? Take for instance the amount of us that will start a diet several times in a year only to give up on it a few shortContinue reading “Burn Your Diet Plan”

Growing Out of Things

I’m in the process of going through our son’s closet. School is out and it’s time to go through the clothes and shoes that no longer fit him. I do this a couple times of year to make room for things that fit him and to make a list of what I’ll need to startContinue reading “Growing Out of Things”

Covered in Mom Guilt

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and while I enjoyed the day tremendously with my son and husband I had to also reflect on my own journey as a mom so far. It’s nice to have a special holiday for it but once I realized what being a mom meant really deeply to me I started toContinue reading “Covered in Mom Guilt”

2020 Wellness Box Challenge – May

This month’s challenge is centered on our theme of growth. There are a couple sides to growth though that I feel important to talk about before we get into this month’s Wellness Challenge. Growth is progressive, advancing and enriching. When we are growing we are changing, evolving, learning and emerging from where we were toContinue reading “2020 Wellness Box Challenge – May”

Pushing Against the Wind

All this month I have been sharing information and support for how to align in our lives. Living in natural alignment creates flow, helps things run more smoothly and feels good to us. We have less stress, are less challenged in balancing all of our demands on time and attention and feel more in controlContinue reading “Pushing Against the Wind”