Eat the Pizza & Have Dessert

How often I have justified what I ate or drank. It was Tuesday. I had a bad day. I was hungry. My best friend was no longer my best friend. The list goes on. Food was always there for me. It didn’t matter what went down, I knew there was a carton of ice creamContinue reading “Eat the Pizza & Have Dessert”

Living Your Best Life … Every Day

When I first heard the comment that someone was living their best life, it was in reference to staying at a friends house that had a pool they could use for the weekend. It was a nice treat for a hot summer weekend for sure. However, the more I heard this saying it was alwaysContinue reading “Living Your Best Life … Every Day”

The Edge of Humanity

This past summer we took a weekend family getaway to a small mountain town. It was one of those gimmick places with lots of tourist t-shirt shops, fudge and sweet shops, arcades and activities aimed at family fun. Like typical getaways our family does, we successfully crammed five days of activities into 48 hours andContinue reading “The Edge of Humanity”

The Point of No Return

These past couple years feels like they have been leading to this big point in time where things either explode into mess or we find utopia on the other side of the storm. I don’t know which and am afraid to hope it will all be alright at times. Feeling secure, like you have someContinue reading “The Point of No Return”

The Gift of Childlike Perspective

It is not just the cookies and sweets this time of year. A sugar high factors into it but honestly it is just pure exhilaration of the time of year. There is not a child on this planet not in high hyper mode impatiently waiting for year end holidays. The anticipation of mailing that letterContinue reading “The Gift of Childlike Perspective”