The Natural Journey

I used to see life as just something I survived. In some ways that is still true but not in the same way it once meant. The hardships of life change for each of us but there are always some to content and keep us on our toes. Life to me is not the romanticContinue reading “The Natural Journey”

The Natural Flow of Being on Time

When my family and I flew to Hawaii for our vacation the airport we were going out of was 2 hours away from home. I got my family up and in the car in the wee morning hours so we were able to be at the airport, parked in long term parking, shuttled, checked in,Continue reading “The Natural Flow of Being on Time”

The Roads We Travel

The roads we choose to travel in life become not only part of our story but a compilation of who we are as a person. These roads shape and influence us, teach us the hard lessons and even give a view every now and then of that ultimate destination. Sometimes these roads go on foreverContinue reading “The Roads We Travel”

The Journey of Redefining Family Chores

I sometimes cannot believe I didn’t realize something sooner. It just seems I get caught up in my own little world of things and don’t realize what was going on until later. Like the pun of the joke where I didn’t get it until someone explains it to me. Then I feel silly for notContinue reading “The Journey of Redefining Family Chores”

I Just Walked

I have never been one that enjoyed exercising. To get on a treadmill or go to a class has always seemed just necessity instead of something I would describe as fun. There are a litany of other things I’d rather do than scan mindlessly at a tv while I walk or have an instructor shoutingContinue reading “I Just Walked”