Enjoy the Free Things in Life

I woke up extra early one Saturday because I heard noise outside. It was the neighbor loading up his boat for a day on the lake and some fishing. He was retired and yet still did these crazy things like loading up his boat at 4:30 in the morning on Saturdays. It was going toContinue reading “Enjoy the Free Things in Life”

What Nature Shares

Those bright crisp leaves tenderly hanging on the trees just waiting for the right wind to catch them as they tumble to the ground is a beautiful sight. It reminds me of fruit at the peak of ripeness just waiting to be picked and savored in juicy deliciousness. Nature gives us these signs all theContinue reading “What Nature Shares”

Finding the Right Mentor Within Ourselves

I have at times had various mentors in my life; probably not enough when I could have used one but I still managed. A mentor can be a great value to help you figure something out but not having one doesn’t reduce the responsibility. It is still up to us to apply, change, grow, transformContinue reading “Finding the Right Mentor Within Ourselves”

Sharing What We Love

I often hesitate to mention what I really love in my life for fear of being judged. It isn’t something I think most people would understand. Maybe the would and it is my own intimidation and yet I hesitate. There is a hold against the words that would flow so easily from me that IContinue reading “Sharing What We Love”

Truly Free Time Not Shared

It rarely happens. That coveted few minutes when you have the house to yourself and even the dog is sleeping. It feels like bliss and at the same slightly intimidating. I am not sure where to begin. There are a lot of choices in that first couple minutes when you find yourself in this situation.Continue reading “Truly Free Time Not Shared”