1200 Calories a Day… and How Many at Night?

There’s a meme on social media with someone saying you should only have 1200 calories a day. The respondent in the meme says, “OK and how many at night?” Controlling our calories, counting points and carbs, and limiting foods is one of the easiest and fastest ways to kill your weight loss goals. The wordContinue reading “1200 Calories a Day… and How Many at Night?”

How to Save Thousands in Healthcare

There are times we need healthcare facilities, like hospitals. They have a role and purpose. Many of us rely on healthcare and are thankful for the advances they have made to save the life of a loved one. There is good with healthcare and many a good intended heart works in this space. However, theyContinue reading “How to Save Thousands in Healthcare”

How the Mind-Body-Heart Thing Works

Yoga is built on this premise that we use movement to connect our mind-body-heart as doing so, promotes health and well-being in all three elements of our being. This principle is firmly embedded in natural medicine principles and built from thousands of years of use and results. Yoga is but one example of how weContinue reading “How the Mind-Body-Heart Thing Works”

The Offense and Defense of Health

In the last three years we have heard it all, or so we are told, about how to take care of ourselves. Unlike what many of us learned in basic biology though the guidance has been confusing, frustrating and incomplete. We have been forced to live in fear, isolation and quarantine because the air aroundContinue reading “The Offense and Defense of Health”