What I Know About Time

I like to think I’m old enough now to appreciate what matters most. Most likely this isn’t true yet but I have begun to see the preciousness of time most definitely. It is hard to avoid time especially when things like your birthday come around or you notice how tall your children are getting. WhatContinue reading “What I Know About Time”

At Our Own Pace

It is super difficult to find someone who matches our own pace. There are times we want to go faster and someone else wants to go slower. There are times that is reversed and we’re the ones poking along holding the other up. That perfect sync of movement and action though when it clicks connectsContinue reading “At Our Own Pace”

Time on Our Hands – VLOG

Todays vlog talks about the time we’ve had on our hands all year because of things not being as busy as they were once in our life. Some of us have found new ways to stay busy and others have had some down time mind-numbing with Netflix. In this vlog I discuss how we canContinue reading “Time on Our Hands – VLOG”

In Times of Great & Interesting Week Days

Why doesn’t every day feel like a Friday? Instead of wishing all those days away getting to Friday why can’t they all feel this good? The energy and vibe of Friday uplifts our moods and lets us feel like ourselves. For some reason the same burdens, challenges and difficulties we carried on Thursday just seemContinue reading “In Times of Great & Interesting Week Days”

Time to Plan

When all this social distancing thing came to be I knew how I was going to use this time. It was like someone had just given me the answer I had been waiting for in terms of how to some things done finally. I mean yes it was a unfortunate situation we were all facingContinue reading “Time to Plan”