What I Know About Change

Change is like an old pair of favorite jeans. Faded, worn thin and even though the don’t fit like they use to we still love them. We remember when we bought them and first tried them on. We worried they weren’t the right ones and yet we dared to buy them anyway. What came afterwardsContinue reading “What I Know About Change”

The Real Monster Inside Us

Fear keeps us right where we are, right now. It feels of concrete wrapping around our legs preventing a step forward. It keeps us awake at night with worry and overthinking. Fear is this huge emotion that impacts us emotionally and physically but what is it exactly? I believe it is self-imposed limit striking atContinue reading “The Real Monster Inside Us”

Moving in Flow with Changes

I notice changes the most when I am resisting them. When there’s something I’m not wanting to do or that I don’t think I’m ready for but that is necessary. The resistance is of my own doing of course and things would be a lot easier if I just went with them. More than anythingContinue reading “Moving in Flow with Changes”

The Heart of Karma

I once worked for a man who had anger problems so badly he would throw things at the staff and was constantly volatile in his temper. The workplace was cold, dark and scary whenever he was in the office and you could literally feel it. It didn’t take much and he would lose it onContinue reading “The Heart of Karma”

How I’ve Changed this Year

This is the first year in a long time that I’ve not had lots of work trips on the calendar. It seemed I was always booking my next trip, keeping a suitcase partially packed and on-the-go. Life has been different this year in a lot of ways and not just with work trips but inContinue reading “How I’ve Changed this Year”