Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

I have always had a high degree of stubbornness in me. Those that know me and read this blog you can stop laughing now. I realize my own imperfection that comes out as stubborn ways I do things. It isn’t that I set out to be noncompliant or even contentious but that I like toContinue reading “Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone”

What I Learned Hypnotized

You’re getting sleepy… I had the typical thoughts of what hypnosis was and how it worked. Namely, it was just a bunch of baloney so someone could charge you a $100 to say things to you while you sleep. You know you think that too, especially if you have never tried it or didn’t thinkContinue reading “What I Learned Hypnotized”

Follow the Light

When I pursued my first college degree it was out of necessity. Any job I wanted required a 4 year degree. It took me a while working at it part time while working full time but I achieved that degree. It has helped me in my career and has helped with salary over the years.Continue reading “Follow the Light”

The Art of Starting Over

Starting over seems like something you do when you have failed at something. I don’t consider myself having failed in what I am doing but it is definitely starting over that my actions represent. It is necessary though in order to change course, go in a new direction and yet many of the skills IContinue reading “The Art of Starting Over”