The Center of Time & Money

All this month I’ve been writing about the ways to include natural health in your life without negatively impacting time or money. There are always ways to improve what we do, what we use or where we want to go next but it all comes down to a key question — what is most importantContinue reading “The Center of Time & Money”

When Money Wasn’t King

When Money Wasn’t King is a title song from the late Tom Petty. He sings about how things were different before everything was for sale and we became focused just on making money from our talents. He describes how before this happened people enjoyed and even loved what they did and there was a freedomContinue reading “When Money Wasn’t King”

How Valuable is Your Financial Freedom?

There is a lot of dependency a worker has on their employer. We depend on our jobs for not only our pay but also our health insurance, life insurance, vacation pay, holiday pay, retirement matching dollars and more. We want that stability and security that we can count on that employer for our livelihood butContinue reading “How Valuable is Your Financial Freedom?”

Doing More Than Just Getting By

There are a lot of us who go month-to-month with just what we need and not a lot of extra. Every family is different but most of us have to really save for the big things like holidays, replacing the family car, or taking a vacation. The more we can be savvy about our dailyContinue reading “Doing More Than Just Getting By”

Living Natural on a Shoestring Budget

This post is being republished to reflect updated pricing from changes doTERRA applied starting February 1, 2019. In some cases the recommendations may have been modified to remain within the $50 per month budget limit for this example. This post originally appeared on our site August 17, 2018. Living by a budget is important. SoContinue reading “Living Natural on a Shoestring Budget”