Defeating Winter Cabin Fever – A Modern Log Cabin

The log cabin quilt block pattern is one of the oldest known quilt blocks. The pattern was best known for it’s practical use of scraps, worn out clothing and other available materials at a time when nothing could afford to go to waste.  It was also one of the more easy to hand sew andContinue reading “Defeating Winter Cabin Fever – A Modern Log Cabin”

NO MORE! – Winning the War Against Adult Acne

I have suffered from adult acne ALL of my adult life. Since I was a teenager I have had these angry painful breakouts that were a constant presence on my face.  Mixed with a very heavy oily skin type I have battled the war on acne for years and well pass the time when IContinue reading “NO MORE! – Winning the War Against Adult Acne”

Goldilocks and The Sewing Boxes

I admit I’ve used a lot of different boxes, bins, baskets and oddball containers to hold my sewing things over the years. In my early days of sewing, I would often resort to tin coffee cans and red Solo plastic cups to hold pins, bobbins and various other sewing notions. I wouldn’t even bother makingContinue reading “Goldilocks and The Sewing Boxes”

Cooking With Oil – Essential Oil Taste Test

Have you used essential oils in your recipes? My spaghetti sauce is just a simple spaghetti sauce spice packet, can of tomato paste, garlic, butter and water. From there I add in various spices I have in my cabinet, salt and pepper, Italian ground sausage, burger or meatballs and slow cook it in the crock-potContinue reading “Cooking With Oil – Essential Oil Taste Test”

Little Blue Birdie Full of Fuzz

Flannel is not one of my favorite materials to work with on the machine. There are so many options today with flannel I always feel a little guilty not going for it more often. However, the fuzz and lint from working with it drive me crazy. I always end up covered in lint and chokingContinue reading “Little Blue Birdie Full of Fuzz”