A Word About Dieting

Ok so it’s more like a couple thousand words but I feel like this isn’t something we talk enough about. Oh sure we talk a lot of what diet everyone is trying these days and looking at excited before and after pictures. We even talk about what we should not eat or can’t eat becauseContinue reading “A Word About Dieting”

Herbal Bathing Benefits and How-To

There’s very little that cannot be solved with a cup of tea. I don’t recall where I read or heard that saying but it is certainly applicable to many situations in life. The saying reminds me of the need to think things over, take a moment and just breathe. How appropriate for matters of health.Continue reading “Herbal Bathing Benefits and How-To”

How to Really Save on Your Health Insurance

There are times we need healthcare facilities, like hospitals. They have a role and purpose. Many of us rely on healthcare and are thankful for the advances they have made to save the life of a loved one. There is good with healthcare and many a good intended heart works in this space. However, theyContinue reading “How to Really Save on Your Health Insurance”

How You Actually Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight we want to hear the fast, winning stories that actually work. We want that fix to this problem that is preventing our jeans from zipping smoothly and being able to breathe afterwards. We want to not look at the scale and see the number go up after a weekContinue reading “How You Actually Lose Weight”

Your Governing Meridian & Your Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is believed there are energy pathways running throughout our body carrying life vitality known as qi or chi. When a pathway becomes damaged or is blocked our vitality is impacted. This is where illness, disease and other health concerns arise that bring us pain and discomfort. Re-establishing and maintainingContinue reading “Your Governing Meridian & Your Health”