The Lost Art of People Watching

I heard a podcast the other day that said North Americans have 0.7 friends today. The podcast was from England and was talking about the rise in reported cases of loneliness and depression. To emphasize the point they shared this stat about our lack of in real life friends. From their research we are soContinue reading “The Lost Art of People Watching”

Then the Clutter Went Away

When you begin to use more natural products in your life you for some reason also become more conscious of waste and clutter. You look to extend the life of what you have and up-cycle what is used for new purposes. There’s interest in seeing what you don’t need or what can be done differentlyContinue reading “Then the Clutter Went Away”

Why We Don’t Lose Weight in January

We just spent the last 2 plus months eating very well. We have been surrounded by beautiful dishes, decadent treats and lots of wine! All those holiday get-togethers had food and drinks that we happily partook in and enjoyed. It was fun. It was what everyone was doing. We told ourselves we would worry aboutContinue reading “Why We Don’t Lose Weight in January”

Shopping and Saving in 2020

Hopefully with the holidays behind us you are not seeing the credit card bills in your mailbox this month. The piles of debt we can sometimes find ourselves in can be limiting and cause a great deal of stress in our lives. There’s not much more that can cause significant strain in a family thanContinue reading “Shopping and Saving in 2020”

90 Days From Now

In less than 90 days from today it will start to show the signs of Spring. Little crocus flowers will start to emerge followed by daffodils and small leaves on the trees. If you live where it snows that too will start to show signs of melting. The days will feel warmer and the sunContinue reading “90 Days From Now”