What I Know About Free

I once heard that customers don’t value free. This surprised me because well I have always loved a sample, free gift or bonus to what I was buying. This really bugged me why anyone would say customers don’t appreciate free but then it struck me that it’s wildly true! When we are giving a sampleContinue reading “What I Know About Free”

Free to Hear Nature Speak

I was sitting in my home office this morning drinking coffee, scrolling social media and glancing out the window at the sun coming up. It was a quiet morning with everyone still sleeping. Our dog Daisy was by my side asking for the occasional ear scratching. It wasn’t unlike a morning I’ve had several timesContinue reading “Free to Hear Nature Speak”

Next Level Living

Pause in just this moment and ask yourself if you are happy. Does your life feel fulfilling, satisfying, complete? Are you where you wanted to be? Are your dreams coming true more and more every day? As you run from activity to errand non-stop is this life as you imagined? What is often missing inContinue reading “Next Level Living”

The Smell of Freedom

I think freedom has a unique aroma. I’ve smelled it at different moments in my life and I know exactly what it is each time. There is a familiarity to the scent that triggers a feeling and before my brain can process it my body is already reacting to it. It is subtle and wildContinue reading “The Smell of Freedom”

Free of Bad Bosses

There is a popular saying that says people don’t leave jobs they leave bosses. They leave companies where they don’t feel appreciated, valued, paid their worth or are treated poorly. They leave bosses who are lousy at their jobs, terrible at leadership or just plain jerks among other less than desirable characteristics. They leave situationsContinue reading “Free of Bad Bosses”