Tough Hits and Knockdown Blows

I have been dealt some hefty blows this past year that have really shaken my foundation.  It’s amazing how much can happen and what you have to go through all for the sake of making sure there is money to keep bills paid. I think most of us can commonly agree working for a living generallyContinue reading “Tough Hits and Knockdown Blows”

Living Through a Miscarriage

A miscarriage brings forth some of the rawest, most difficult emotions a person can experience. That loss is soul wrenching and heart breaking. After it happens it can feel like a punishment, of being outcast, isolated and is extremely dark and lonely. So many of us experience challenges in fertility and the loss in theContinue reading “Living Through a Miscarriage”

MLM Not Allowed

Anyone remember the old Tesla song titled “Signs”?  The lyrics sure are true if you’re working in network marketing Part of doing my business online means I am constantly looking for new social media groups to join where I believe my target audience will be. Groups and target audience settings can be a challenge.Continue reading “MLM Not Allowed”

How to Spend Less and Feel Better

Doesn’t it seem as though everything “good” for you cost more? Organic, pure, authentic, name brand, etc. always seems to cost more than “regular” stuff. If it’s what we need and should be feeding our bodies and minds, shouldn’t it actually cost less? One of the reasons essential oils, herbalism and other natural health protocolsContinue reading “How to Spend Less and Feel Better”

Natural Solutions

There is an enrollment kit available to new doTERRA Wholesale Customers that is often overlooked when considering what to get started with in terms of oils and products.  Today, we are going through this kit in detail and look at why it really is the best kept secret for new customers. A kit by anyContinue reading “Natural Solutions”