April Natural News

Spring is alive all around us this time of year. Everything is blooming, growing and shows the signs of youth and freshness. We are emerging from our rest awakened in delights of nature. This time of year makes me smile and my heart feel lighter and free just be looking out my window. Of course I want to be out in it, despite the pollen and emerging bugs. I want to feel the fresh air on my skin and the sun beaming down on me like it’s favorite angel I want to shed layers of clothing and bask in warm temperatures. Spring fever is a positive illness to catch I think!

I love spring because it reminds me of the bigger picture in life. All the things that really matter when it comes right down to it. Love. Our connection to each other and to nature. Of living in our true purpose letting our creative spirit soar. It’s free and young. There is a vibrancy and excitement that we describe as this freedom from responsibilities and obligations. I often think of college students headed to a beach for spring break after exams feeling that return of their energy while they celebrate and have fun. We just feel better this time of year. We are alive with fresh hope and creativity flows from new sources so easily.

Ah but creativity doesn’t always pay the bills does it?

We notice so much this time of year including what doesn’t fulfill us and give us joy. Spring challenges us to reconsider what life is all about against the litany of things like tax due dates, budgets and expenses in our life. The challenges of every day living in a world that often forgets and forces us away from what the true bigger picture is in our life. How often I too am guilty of forgetting what’s really important because I have a deadline, need to pay off a bill or hold back versus being free. How we wish for more spontaneity and freedom but the adult in us says we need to be responsible and reserved.

What if we could find a way to balance that more? What if we could be free and had enough of what we need to not feel burdened by the monetary demands for living? I’m not talking of socialism or anything radical on that level but rather how we can change our perspective in how we respond and uphold our dependency on money against what we need in nature? What is organic natural living was accessible to everyone and we could use that good healthy feeling to be more of ourselves? What if we could push back on the demands of working vacations, technology connected to our body and regain our time and energy?

All this month I’m focusing on the topic of what it means to live monetarily more natural. Even though I love natural things in my life I admit openly I love things like air conditioning, lights that come on and food on my table. I enjoy not having to worry how to pay bills or how to cover an unexpected expense. It’s not always easy I know especially being the only income earner but oh how my heart desires it! Being able to live that way and still align it to nature I believe is entirely possible. It’s affordable and it’s necessary. Our body, mind and soul are being crushed by the expectations of our world’s focus on money. It overtakes us and steals our ability to enjoy even a sunny warm day in spring. It prevents us from playing more and instead focusing on the next gain, protection of what we have and how to get more! This movement is ripping out our creativity and conforming us to the subjectivity of mass production, efficiency and high technology. Yet I believe we can control our own life among it all, carving out our own destiny and living on our terms.

Explore this topic with me this month as we focus on taxes, family budgets, savings, vacations and more while looking at how to manage them naturally. Imagine sitting down to pay the bills and not being stressed. Can you even picture being able to pay your taxes in a couple weeks and not freaking out? What if we could do those responsibilities and still enjoy nature? How would we feel if we could do more than wishful thinking about how we would live if we won the lottery? Friend the real lottery is how we can feel every day despite what’s in our bank account.

Living natural in spring is being able to be outside as part of nature. Feeling nature in our soul come alive with fresh ideas, creativity and innovation that can change our life. However for most of us we just feel overwhelmed trying to survive our work day and juggle the family needs. We’re just trying to pay our bills and give our children a decent life. Those demands on our time and attention at times seem to overtake us. Breaking free from that to remember we too are a person with needs, interests, thoughts and a purpose of a higher calling can be hard to bring forth. If we don’t take care of it then it will all fall apart right? Let’s revisit that and see what the options are shall we?

Are you ready to live more naturally on your terms? Our 2020 Wellness Challenge is focused on our mind this month. The work we’ll do this month supports us in managing the things our mind does that limits, constrains and forces us to do things we are responsible for and learning to balance that with some playfulness, spontaneity and fun. Health and well-being includes not only our physical body but also our mind, heart, soul and spirit. Join us (for free) on the Member’s Forum to get in on the conversation. https://www.dragonspitapothecary.com/forum

What I Know For Sure About Early Spring

Early spring is much like pre-dawn. Everything is dark, still chilly from the nighttime and quiet. We savor that quietness in meditation and prayer knowing the day will soon dawn and activity will burst and bustle around us. In this moment however before all that starts we enjoy this peaceful, quiet time. We look forward to what’s coming and yet it feels wonderful to wait for it.

What I know for sure about early spring time is we can move in a quiet peaceful grace of anticipation. We can feel out very being pumping blood through our veins and giving us that energy to move but on our own terms, in our own pace. The rush of daily demands can be formed around us in a way that is loving, supportive and uplifting rather than bogging us down and draining us to exhaustion. We can use the power of early spring to form what that life looks like and embark on a natural journey that is true to our needs and dreams. We have so much power and ability to shape the life we want and yet mostly we fall in with daily life noise that steals our joy and robs us of our time. What I know for sure is we can recapture that power and manifest the life we really want.

Soon flowers will burst from the ground in colorful blooms and everything will be bright and warm. These are the blessings of the Earth awakening in fresh light to let us know we are still alive. We are naturally more energetic in this time preparing for what’s coming. We are visiting garden centers looking for pretty flowers to add to our porch or refreshing flower beds with fresh mulch. Our soul is calling us to connect with soil and nature. It is calling us to go into nature and be renewed, refreshed and realigned to what our true calling and purpose is in this life. Listen to your soul and heart, follow that calling, take that risk and see what happens. When we move in alignment with our soul and nature powerful shifts can happen that fulfill us like nothing else.

What I know for sure is early spring time is when we can best start to put our dreams into motion for bringing them into life. We can birth new ideas, feel a heightened creativity and move more easily into things that once scared us or didn’t fit right. Now they do. Much like a new fawn trying out her long legs for the first time we can try out our ideas and apply our creativity in new ways that build us up. Leveraging the power of this season can help us live more contently on our terms and realize our own power. What I know for sure is we all have this ability to stand on our own feet and a power within us that can be used to soar if we let it.

In early spring it can still seem like winter is holding tightly with no sign of letting up. There may still be snow on the ground and a late winter storm that rolls in but we know this will soon pass and the Earth will soften, temperatures will rise and the storm will pass. What I know for sure is these signs of early spring weather changes are the same signs that appear in our life signaling our own life storms will too soon pass. We may encounter unexpected weather in our life that feels like a tight grip that won’t let loose but even the worst of times pass sooner or later to let fresh light and warmth in. Our ability to continue growing, persisting in determination and training for strength will help us overcome even the longest holding life winter storms. We can heal, improve, enrich and grow even in the toughest of times and still come out beautiful. This I definitely know for sure.

The passage of time is so obvious this time of year. We start to see the sun creep up earlier in the day, the snow melt and first emergence of buds come from the still cold ground. New life is coming and with it things we may not have expected but delight us all the same. I often will see bulbs and plants I have planted and forgotten about start to come up in the yard and get excited of what they will be. Sometimes the anticipation is the best part of growth. When we allow nature to form and shape us we may not end up with the result we thought but something even more beautiful that emerges from soil we didn’t think held anything at all. What I know for sure is we can feel content nature always knows what will happen and can produce even when we have long forgotten what was there. The surprise, delight and anticipation makes life interesting, fun and unexpected in good healthy ways. What I know for sure is we cannot control everything in life and the more we try the more frustrating it can become. Let life unfold naturally and enjoy the process of growth, observe the changes and let them enrich and feed our souls instead of fighting against them all the time. Some surprise is healthy for us.

What I know for sure about early spring is it is the perfect time to align and partner with our precious Earth. It is well past time for healing of our planet and our souls. We need each other and it’s time we shed what is no longer healthy for both of us. It is time we free ourselves from things that don’t make us feel good, prevent us from thriving and deplete our life. The very heartbeat in our chest and in our Earth are calling us to feel vibrant, alive and full of life but it is struggling under layers of garbage, toxic waste, pollution and things that destroy health in us and our planet. What I know for sure is we must detox and restore our health and that of our planet if we truly want to see change in our well-being and future.

As we leave this early spring and move into warm spring airs that makes the flowers bloom, I encourage you to listen to what is emerging in your own heart. What can you let grow and enrich you to let life flow and feel good? Are you ready to step into spring aligned with your heart and nature to see where it can take you?

Join me and being that natural journey here: https://www.dragonspitapothecary.com/live

When I Said That

In December I knew I wanted to focus on my health in 2020. The past few years have really been a challenge and I was juggling a lot with my family, work and just life. Something had to give and like most women I gave up what I needed in order to take care of the demands that were pulling at me. We all do it. Work is giving us more crazy deadlines and challenges to make our head spin then we immediately have to run to get the kids from after school programs where we then proceed to cook, get homework done and a load of laundry. Our days can only hold so much.

Yet I knew it was time to push back. It was time for me to emerge from under the pile of to-dos and demands in my life and reclaim what I needed among that. It was time before I didn’t have the luxury of taking advantage of my health anymore. I had gambled with time trading my health needs for demands and it catches up to all of us sooner or later. Maybe it’s just a cold that forces us to slow down or maybe it’s something more significant but our health will eventually dictate our priorities if we don’t take care of it. I had gambled enough and knew I had to take some action to change the course before time passed by further.

In that thinking of how this would work in my life I didn’t consider how I would fit it in among the 100 other things I do in a day. I didn’t think about what it would mean and quite frankly I didn’t care. At some point I had reached the decision it was time and whether it fit or not I was tired of my clothes not fitting. I was tired from feeling slow, bloated, irritated, overwhelmed and fat. The number on the scale reminded me of how far I had gone any time I stepped on it. I knew what it said and I was embarrassed. It no longer matter if this fit in my daily life or not it had to find a way. So I declared in December before Christmas to my family that we should live up the holidays because I would be stripping our home of all junk food after that.

When I said that I was mad and determined. You know when you’ve just had enough? I meant every word as I eyed our pantry of all the things that wouldn’t be there in a couple weeks. One day not long after this, I was enjoying an afternoon hot tea and Christmas cookie during one of the crazy days at work where you just shove sugar and carbs in your mouth to ease the pain of what’s going on and feeling like a failure or not getting why people are making stuff so complicated. As I endured my 6th conference call of the day, I had the boldness to ask myself if I could really do it?


Could I really go without a cookie? Was I being serious? Apparently I was because my next thought was what would I replace that cookie with for the same enjoyment and support of crazy work days like this? This is when the bartering started of well maybe I could balance and still enjoy some treats. Maybe I was being too harsh. Maybe I don’t need to do this after all. Admitting this publicly and seeing this on the screen is very embarrassing.

After that sugar cookie incident I really thought about that question I asked myself. How many times had I done that to myself over the years that resulted in where I was now with clothes that didn’t fit and having to buy the dreaded next larger size? Most of the time I didn’t bother asking if I could do it, I simply didn’t. I would quietly let those declarations of change slip by as if I was just delusional when I said them. The truth was I had let myself down and didn’t keep my word and promise to myself each time I did that and I was on the verge of doing it again. I put other things in front of it declaring them more important and urgent. I put this value on food and not taking care of myself because of other stress and demands above what I really needed. It helped me cope. It made me feel safe. It gave me soothing when things were going rough at work or home. It helped me feel better when everything else felt like hell.

Yet I know it was just a bandage over problems I felt powerless to solve. I couldn’t make work any better those people are just nuts some times. Problems come up and people freak out trying to cope, respond and be the hero. No one wants to look like they are not doing a stellar job at work at all times, especially when there are problems and the big boss is looking. At home I couldn’t just forget that my son didn’t have clean socks for school or homework that was due tomorrow so I could go exercise for an hour. After working in chaos all day I would immediately shift to cooking a meal, doing that laundry and supporting homework getting done. There wasn’t a downtime in between work needs and home needs. This assumed too I was able to stop working at 5pm and didn’t have to stay later for something else that had come up. I know a lot of moms who live this life every day. Just like me bouncing from one thing to the next. It’s why our families get hot dogs and box mac-n-cheese for dinner and we wonder why we can’t lose weight.

I knew though I couldn’t continue this way. I knew I was gambling with my health in a way that would not end in my favor. The house always wins and in this case my health would give out sooner or later. Mentally, physically and spiritually I was breaking a little more each day trying to do it all and keep up with everything. I had to change the odds and I had to change the game.

The 2020 Wellness Challenge I opened up in January was my plan to overcome the question of could I really do it. I know a lot of mommas just like me who feel like life dictates to them how it’s going to happen and they are just holding on for dear life… with that sugar cookie. Life isn’t going to get easier so we have to get stronger, healthier and smarter about how we get it all done and keep it up. Yes we can do it without that cookie and we can actually feel and look fabulous while we’re at it. We cannot afford to gamble the time against our health anymore thinking we’ll get to it later. Honey, trust me the minute you get time something else will come to tak that too.

Some days when work is just particularly feeling like an episode of Alice in Wonderland. I want that soothing comfort of chocolate that makes the drama feel less intense. It would be so easy to give in. I would follow it up in the evening with a glass of wine because I felt I earned it after managing to live through the work day. When I said that I was ready though and I meant it I can’t look back to how I used to deal with that drama. I can’t revert to sugary carb filled treats for temporarily relief. That’s all it was too. Temporary relief. I want real deep relief on a more long lasting term. I want that ability to protect myself better mentally, physically and spiritually that doesn’t leave me feeling bad, depleted and like I”m a big failure at all that I do.

When I said that I was determined and mad. Now when I say that I’m ready and I know what I really need. I need to feel my best and build on the strength I have in me to overcome these challenges in my diet, exercise, work, and family. I know I am ready to take control and figure this out in a healthier way. In a way that builds me up instead of tearing me down, leaving me feeling ugly, fat and failing buried under bandages of cookies, chocolate and wine.

Are you ready to say that? Are you ready to step out of the chaos and into your own light of healthy and well-being? I invite and welcome you as we figure it out together. Join me in the 2020 Wellness Challenge (it’s free)


Let's Just Be Free of It

When I am able to shake loose of something that has been limiting and holding me down it feels incredible. When I’m not letting standard measurements of success an failure be my markers I feel liberated. I mean seriously when you’re able to shrug off a large debt with that very last payment, close an age old problem for an irritated client or simply walk away from something doesn’t feel good there is genuine relief. A release from a bond that was straining your focus and making you conform. It’s like someone just took the weights off from your shoulders and you can stand a little taller and maybe even skip! You are no longer dragging this huge boulder of a problem that was slowing you down. You are free!

As I focus on my health and wellness this year in the 2020 Wellness Challenge I realize I am freeing myself in this process. I am slowing letting myself emerge and be free. I am loosening the grip of weight and fat on my body and it’s limitations in my mindset on what I cannot do, how I am seen and what size label is sewn in my clothes. Each time there is progress I see in how my clothes fit and how I feel even more energy than yesterday I envision a chain link dropping loudly to the floor and the rest of the links are loosening one by one until all of the chain is gone. It time to just be free of this weight and things that are making me not feel my best. When I keep this visualization of chain links and freedom it is highly motivating to me.

The hard part is of course staying the course and overcoming slower than expected progress. It happens even when we are doing everything right. There are just times it can seem no matter what we do nothing happens. The other scenario is time isn’t passing fast enough and we feel we will never make it to that goal. In both situations we are not really being honest with ourselves. Sure there are weeks the scale is not moving but is that the only measure of progress we can take? Does our effort and consistency not count for progress too? Is our health just a set of numbers to be charted and monitored?

When you think of health overall in your body, mind and spirit there is always progress to be found. If the scale didn’t move but you were strong and stayed the course without cheating on your meal plan you my friend were super successful! If you saw no movement in weight but you realized you didn’t skip any workouts well done! If your sleep improved, your energy increased, your mood was great all week and so much more could have shifted while that scale stayed the same. Give yourself the grace and reward of progress through non number based progress marks. Let us just be free from the burden of thinking there’s only one way to be right, successful, good or making progress!

Think of how many areas of your life could look different all by applying that logic of measuring progress differently. Think of how much happier and lighter we would feel in the process of growth and change. That space where we are not beating ourselves up for failing when in truth we really did not. We progressed in our own beautiful way. We changed in the way that is right for us. We transformed on a different path. It doesn’t mean we won’t see progress on the scale but that’s now how we will get all or even the most important reports of our progress.

When we stop measuring in terms of numbers and time we find many opportunities in which we can creatively and authentically define what success looks like. In my own weight loss journey this year I would love to lose a certain amount of weight but my complete success isn’t based just on that achievement. I’m also honed on feeling better overall including emotionally and spiritually as a result of living more healthy. Why do I just want to limit that to just what my body shape and weight is? Let’s just be free of societal terms for successful health goals shall we? Or any goal at all where it only focuses on the data, numbers, time spent, a date in the future even! Liberate and rebel against this conformity!

It takes courage to redefine your success beyond data and time. We often set a goal of losing a certain amount of weight in a specific amount of time. We are taught goals have to be specific and measurable. This is true but that is only part of the answer. When you also include information about your consistency, effort, persistence, and non-measurable results you see the full picture. You see your own growth pattern and can leverage that to make the changes necessary to realize the numbers goal too! You release yourself from guilt and shame for missing a measurement and instead look at what you learned, what you gained in positive energy and where you’re going next. You build momentum to keep pushing and strength to carry you through the times when physical measurements fall short of defining who we are and how we are progressing.

As we continue on the journey of wellness this year, how do you define your progress and success?

Join us on this journey! It free and the community is thriving with people just like us looking for a better way to live that honors who we are and how we want to live more naturally. https://www.dragonspitapothecary.com/forum

The Power of Touch

A really warm, loving, strong embrace that you feel encompassed by. It strengthens, comforts and fills you with hope. That simple gesture uplifts your soul, letting you know you are loved, appreciated, included, supported and cared for. That embrace is safe letting us know it’s ok to let tears fall and our guard off duty for our soul to be renewed.

Our greatest physical power as humans is our touch. We can exert force and fierceness or comfort and love all in how we approach and use this power. The significance of this power is used every day and I believe it is even more powerful than our minds for how it effects another. How we can make another feel all through our touch is unlike any other interaction we can experience.

When I learned the doTERRA AromaTouch Technique I immediately started practicing on my son and husband. This is a specific methodology for oil application that focuses on the spine, hands and feet to relief pain, inflammation, boost immunity and relax. It is not massage but the effects are calming, soothing and relaxing all the same with the extra boost of wonderful oil application that directly supports your health. At first I thought my feelings after applying this technique to them was just my excitement that I could make them feel so relaxed and good afterwards but I kept noticing something else. Each session I did this technique it left me feeling incredible too! I felt relaxed and soothed, uplifted and content. I have come to realize it is definitely the series of 8 doTERRA oils used as well as the physical contact skin-to-skin. I feel immense power to uplift, love, care for, soothe and relax through my hands when I give the AromaTouch Technique to a loved one or friend.

It seems today we don’t spend enough time touching. There are rules against it in so many settings and for good reason but even we can we often don’t. Perhaps it’s our own fear of being rejected or making an awkward moment. Maybe we’re not sure if the other person feels the same. What I have found is even if we are not entirely sure of the other person’s feelings we can connect through simple touch. A hug, a handshake, a touch to the shoulder or arm. These very non-sexual, friendly expressions of genuine concern, love and connection deepens our relationships and bonds in a very positive way. Even just sharing a smile, looking each another person in the eye and connecting this way is powerful!

Our need to connect with one another enriches our life experiences. We learn about one another and develop friendships that are supportive, loving and even lifelong. These bonds become support to help us on our journey, lifting us up when we most need it and giving us that ability to reciprocate with another. Relationships like these have an element of touch in them that reconnects and renews each time we see that person. Think about your best friend or those you get really excited to see. Often the first thing we do is hug them deeply! We smile and hold them dear. We touch their hand when talking, being supportive and expressing support. We share their space and heart. All because of the power of touch that generates between us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In this day and age we often find we don’t have these close friendships or lifelong best friends. We know hundreds of people but feel lonely, constantly trying to fit in and be one of the gang but inside we’re craving that real connection to a person. We don’t want to put up our guard, pretend to fit in or be something we’re not. That’s not genuine and long term prevents us from forming those true connections. It takes a long time sometimes to foster those types of relationships yet it is so necessary to our well-being. This isn’t something that can be entirely online either. We need that physical presence that reinforces what we feel emotionally and spiritually.

I encourage you to renew or build new the relationships in your life. Strengthen those ones that enrich your life, make you feel whole and expand who you are authentically. Use your power of touch to build, strengthen and create the bonds to others we need for our mental well-being. Lift one another up and walk the journey together. It’s so much more beautiful that way isn’t it? If you don’t have someone in your life like this, foster new connections and build those up until you find those that are a perfect fit.

Living natural means we are in tune with our needs and able to align with nature and others to fulfill them. We support and intertwine with others and nature to flow in life and experience all that it has to offer. We can certainly be independent warriors but even the warrior needs to take off the armor and feel warmth every now and again. Technology has taken from us the ability to connect on this level in so many ways. It is time we reclaimed our power of touch and connection and start living more naturally.

Are you ready? Join me!

If you’re local to me as well you can book an AromaTouch session!


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