Grime of a Day’s Corporate Work

That numb feeling that comes from being exhausted likes to linger on me mingled with the day’s dirt and grime. Since I work at a desk I have to sometimes wonder if it isn’t the energy numbness more than sweat, blood and tears I feel all over my skin. Tears certainly come some days but I honestly can’t remember the last time my job required blood and sweat outside of the proverbial sense. More than anything it’s mind work that drains me with the high political drama, constant chaos and never-ending demands. Grit and grime of a working day, except sometimes you feel it more on the inside than out and it’s harder to wash off.

I used to have these hopes that I was going to find this great job I loved and I would stay there until I could retire and then go have even more fun the rest of my life. We are led to believe this is all possible with the right degree, connections and perseverance. The idea that a certain job title and salary range make us successful and is an ambitious goal we should all strive to achieve in our careers is the secret to happiness too, or so we are told. I used to believe it all. I had goals of working to a higher level, going great things in a rewarding career that supported the life I wanted to have for myself. What I learned was the life was easily built, the career and job not so much.

Certainly my lifestyle has depended on paychecks coming in but it took me a while to realize how much was not dependent on my job. I appreciate how hard I have worked to get where I am, the house my husband and I worked to pay off and the cars, trips, holiday gifts and more our jobs provided through our hours of labor. It is easy to tangle though the deepness of inter-relationship we have with our jobs and real life. That’s because they are intertwined and should be to an extent. Once upon a time jobs were where we did claim success in the business world and our family’s lives reflected that in home upgrades, more flexibility of our time and more. Today, it is different. Success often means more work, less time and we may upgrade our home but we never see much of it because we’re always working.

From working a few hours extra every week, eating lunches at our desks and missing important family time and vacations, work dominates a lot of our time and then some. I even had an employer that demanded happy hours once a month so we could collect as a team, because working shoulder to shoulder every day wasn’t enough it seemed. We tell ourselves the payoff will be worth it though and push through. We’ll make up for the time lost with family on the vacation by having a bigger vacation next time. We’ll catch up on sleep, exercise and losing weight after this project is done despite the company’s supposed messaging on caring of our wellness too. They don’t, if you wondered. Your wellness is concerning the point it prevents work from being done, on time.

The trade off for the paycheck is supposed to be our lifestyle and life we want to build for ourselves and share with our families. In reality, our jobs and careers take as much from us as they can and leave us covered in a grit that wrecks havoc on our souls. We are left depressed, burned out, overweight, with anxiety and sleep issues. We can’t feel anymore and the relationship to our own happiness is tied to this identity we are made to believe we need because of who we are at our jobs. We lose ourselves in the grit of corporate bullshit.

Perhaps I’ve just had bad job luck in my career and my own jaded view of the corporate landscape is wrong. In talking with my friends though we all feel this weighty grit. Most of us are just counting down the days until we can retire, win the lottery or some miracle happens that we can leave this behind us and actually live. Until then we must accept what we have, make the most of it and let go of these silly dreams it can ever be something more. To succeed in corporate work means to survive. It is not for the faint of heart.

In place of my hopes for the perfect job, that is deeply covered in stained grit of a long career path I feel numb. Burned out from believing someone had my back, was going to keep their word or that this was a good job. My description of a good job has certainly altered over time as a result. It is no longer promotions, achieving goals or any other pretty worded corporate mission. Rather it is can I survive here for a few years? Does this place smell of crispy burned dreams, big egos and personal agendas? Do I dare to have a sliver of hope?

The reason so many people work multiple jobs and try direct marketing companies is to buy back their freedom. Those that have realized the glitz of corporate work is nothing more than a place where dreams go to die try to put their efforts elsewhere. People want better in their life and want to try anything to make better a reality. Being your own boss holds that appeal of possible. Of course there is risk to any reward but it seems possible and sometimes that’s enough when all else has been taken from you at work.

I crave the day my hands no longer type corporate emails or my voice speaks at a corporate meeting. I dream of the day I can make it on my own in work that fills my spirit and bank account. Faith in the possibility is what keeps me going on those days my job is sucking the life out of me again. Anyone who mocks direct marketing obviously has not reached this point in their corporate work to know how deep of a pit those snakes go. Working in direct marketing means to be brave enough to try. For me it was the possible outlet to free my hands from the grit of corporate work that was killing my soul.

Currently, I do still work in corporate work. I am also pursuing a second degree in natural and holistic medicine and building a business with an natural products direct marketing company. It is a lot most days to keep up with but it is also where I see my power energy coming back. The modern corporate career leaves most of us at the bottom of the pit and those that still have something in them are the ones trying to build a way out of it. Lifting each other up and helping as many out of that pit as possible is where I feel called. Direct marketing offers a ladder and it’s up to us to learn to use it and make it our own stick for pushing back those that want to keep us in the pit with them.

The grit of working changes the more you free yourself. Some days are harder than others but the more you step away from it the more you see what it has taken from you. Your confidence can take the longest to rebuild. I found I had become scared of speaking up, unsure of myself and always looking for the hidden meaning in things. When you start to detach from that you realize just how much it wasn’t your fault and how much burden you carried from your job. I may never be at the point I can completely leave corporate work but that small taste of freedom was enough to quench a lot of hurt over the years. It left a trail through the grit covering my soul enough to realize I still have one that deserves to be free. Yours deserve that too.

Are you open to learning more to see if this is the ladder of hope for you? Let’s chat. Contact me through the messenger available at

The Genie Inside My Holy Basil Oil

When I first procured a bottle of holy basil essential oil I really had no idea what it was for or how to use it. Like all new oils I get, I immediately opened it so I could smell it. No longer a novice I have long since given up having expectations of what aromas may come and let loose my curiosity. It smelled like something old and powerful and I half expected a genie to appear with wish granting magic. Since that did not happen and I lacked any good information at the time I tucked the bottle in the back of my oil box. It was not impressive and I gave it a meh passing thought of one day I’ll get to figuring out what to use it for or maybe next time there would be a genie inside it. The bottle sat for months in my oil box where I would pass it by in search of other oils I needed at the time. If I had only realized how much magic that little bottle actually did contain and that I did in fact need it.

Fast forward about a year, I started hearing more about holy basil. My customers began asking about it and I really didn’t know. So I started researching and using it myself. It always amazes me the number of people who assume natural things are not effective but have themselves not tried them or have tried inferior products because they were cheap. Little wonder there were no results right? I always tell my clients what I use and how so I can give them insight into my experience to help them in their own journey of natural products and oils. Since we each respond differently to oils and natural products it at least provides a little insight for knowing what to expect.

Given the oil has been known for over 5,000 years I guess I shouldn’t be surprised there was quite a bit known and that we are still uncovering more about it. It is in fact an ancient oil people had been using for centuries for a lot of different things including religious ceremonies, meditation, medicinal and beauty support. Interested I pulled the bottle out and started working with it in my own daily protocols to see what happened. My initial use was simply to put a drop of it nightly on the bottoms of my feet.

Known as the oil of spiritual integration, holy basil is a sacred herb prized in India still today. It is used in the Hindu religion for ceremonies and mediation. It is said to help harmonize the spirit and shift our vibration away from negative energies as well as the stress those factors cause in our body. It is an oil used for emotions felt in the heart to aid in healing from trauma and hurt. By supporting our spirit in this way, holy basil is believed to help us open up our heart to our true purpose which is believed in Hinduism to be defined well before we were birthed on this planet. Hence, why this oil is used in religious practices for supporting the work of creating a spiritual awakening.

When it comes to physical health, holy basil oil also offers significant benefits. Holy basil is supportive of healing from adrenal fatigue, metabolic stress and other stress induced physical limitations and discomforts that result in things like low energy and weight gain. I also learned holy basil oil is helpful while detoxing from chemicals including metal toxicity that cause PH and hormonal imbalances. It is helpful with headaches, sinus pain and sleep apnea concerns. As if that were not enough, holy basil is also known to help with sugar and glucose level management and elevated cortisol levels that result in inflammation.

The more I learned about this oil the more I realized I did in fact have a magic bottle with a genie in it. Nightly I applied this oil to the bottom of my feet alongside my normal immunity and rest protocol at bedtime. Knowing most oils increase their benefits when used in conjunction with Copaiba I included it with my Holy Basil foot bottom application. After about two weeks I noticed at the time I was applying this oil to my feet every night I did start to immediately relax more. The initial impression of the old oil smell now seemed comforting and soothing and I looked forward to it every night. It seemed to trigger in me a feeling of wanting to relax and I felt calmer.

Currently, the doTERRA Holy Basil is not labeled for internal use. This is disappointing as there are incredible benefits from internal ingestion of holy basil which is an edible plant. I did however find Gaia Herbs has a Holy Basil Leaf capsule that is gluten and soy free as well as vegan. I began taking 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the afternoon with meals as directed on the bottle and continued my nightly oil application protocol with the doTERRA Holy Basil oil and Copaiba oil.

After three months of this usage, I noticed there was a definite shift in my energy levels during the day and I generally felt happier, more optimistic and positive. Nothing else had really changed in my life, as I am still at a corporate job I don’t particularly care for and have the normal problems I did before I started this protocol. Yet, I felt different. It was noticed by those around me as well. No longer just logging off work and trudging through my evening chores I was hoping on the treadmill and had something left in my energy tank to use! I was making jokes and laughing more and had more patience for my son. I felt more relaxed overall. Life was as stressful as it always has been but I just felt in balance with it all.

The other thing I noticed was I was not as drawn to sweets and carbs like I am when I feel run down. That sluggish feeling that makes me think I need a cup of coffee or a pick me up treat in the afternoon because I’m feeling slower and more tired as my day goes on. That feeling was less and less the more consistent I became with using holy basil. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy a sweet treat when I had them but it was no longer a matter of needing them to get a burst of energy to finish up my day or soak up the numb depression like feelings I had previously. That certainly helps with knocking off a few pounds without really trying anything too. I particularly liked that I felt more in control of what I was eating as a result.

Holy basil is an adaptogen. This means it helps us both in lifting energy and relaxing. This particular oil helps us adapt to environmental factors like stress and use them to our benefit rather than letting it simply delete us. It makes us more resilient. From hormones to energy levels to stress, adaptogens help keep everything in balance. Their effect makes them very important to counteracting adrenal fatigue which is a major root cause of weight gain that seems a struggle to lose. These adaptogens include Ashwagandha that has anxiolytic effect to improve energy levels and mitochondrial health. This is where we find the reasons holy basil can help with the normalization of our body’s systems including blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid levels. It is also here we find the reasons it helps provide the positive effective on memory and cognitive function.

Why this is all important is because our body feels the effects of stress long after we encounter it. Whether is physical stress of doing something by moving our body that causes strain or inflammation or encountering an emotional situation that is stressful, our cells carry that. It takes us a long time past the time we even remember it for our cells to recover from those experiences. Since the majority of us live in fast paced, non-stop stress lives, this builds up and our cells harden as a protective measure against it. Built up over time is where we find the symptoms from adrenal fatigue, low energy, depression and other impacts from stress. How we heal from these experiences is where we can see the difference between being able to lose weight, regain our strength and energy and even feel more happier or not.

In most dieting and exercise programs we simply restrict our body causing shock. When our bodies are holding on all this stress, no amount of dieting or exercise is going to shift the scale because our body sees it as simply more stress that is negative. Using natural products like holy basil helps us rebuild healthy cells and soften our cells to absorb nutrients we need to regenerate healthy cells. If we ignore this step in our healing then we are further stressing our body and emotional systems prolonging our ability to see positive changes like losing weight, sleeping better and having more energy. The key is in first detoxing our body of the stress impacts, recovering our cell regeneration that is healthy and then applying dietary and exercise changes that are propel our progress. If we skip this step we are simply just stressing out our body more and frustrating ourselves with lack of progress.

Those were exactly the results I started to experience in the recovery of my own energy, better sleep and ability to focus during the day. The trick is in not rushing this process so that our body is best positioned to then apply dietary changes and exercise that supports our goals of health and weight loss. I soon realized the more I healed from stress impacts through using protocols that included holy basil my body naturally told me when it was ready for more. I could feel it in my energy levels that I was interested and able to go for a walk and start working out. My appetite changed where I honestly craved healthy foods to support how I was feeling and it was then I knew this was the diet and exercise routine that was going to finally work for me. If I had not first helped my body recover from stress impact then it would have just been another failed diet attempt that left me frustrated.

So while it is not an actual genie popping out of this bottle of oil, it is in fact granting wishes I have for living healthier, dropping a few pounds and feeling my best more often. It is also supporting how I want to feel without the punishing aspects of restrictive dieting and impossibly hard and expensive diet foods and exercise programs.

Are you open to learning more about holy basil and how it may help you? Check out the upcoming dates for the next Metabolism and Weight Loss class that talks about holy basil and the steps I took to recover my energy and heal my body from stress.

The Alexia and My Weight Loss

The greatest conveniences in our life also tend to be our biggest curses.

It is so easy, perhaps too easy, to order something from my phone and then two days or less later, Alexia is telling me there is a package on the porch. Someone else took the time to get it, box it, transport it and set it behind my potted fern. I didn’t even have to step all the way out my door or put on shoes to pick it up. There was no worry or extra effort I put into it either.

A lot of my life is this way.

With the touch of a button, swipe of a screen, or message to the Alexia many things in my life are opened, closed, cooked, started, processed and delivered. It is indeed a wonderful convenience especially on busy days, which every day tends to feel like. More importantly though, they are checked off my to-do list and not thought about again until it’s time to do it again. It’s simply how we do modern life. Everything is efficient like that. Things we used to do all the time now don’t take much time at all and most don’t even really need us involved in them. I don’t even have to be required to even remember half of it because Alexia will kindly remind me of that too.

While the conveniences are wonderful time savers and helpful to my busy lifestyle, they have done one glaringly large bad thing to me. I’m not talking of being spoiled by looking like a pro at multi-tasking and being up-to-date on the latest Alexia capabilities, but rather the dark distortion this has all done to my patience of time. The things that take longer than 30 minutes to focus on are now a struggle to achieve. Alexia has killed my patience with anything that doesn’t work smoothly the first time too, because I expect that now of everything, including myself. I lack the attention span and motivation beyond that.

I am not blaming Alexia for the extra 60 pounds I now carry. I do however say that the ability to have information and anything else I want available 24 by 7 at the touch of my fingers has killed the ability to see some things still don’t work that way. Taking off that extra weight has not happened in 30 minutes or less a day or by asking Alexia and using the multiple pills, shakes, exercise videos, and various other tools that have arrived on my porch.

Yes, I know that is completely insane to consider.

The inability to lose weight and that has caused me to keep having to restart a new diet every Monday is in fact because I want results NOW. Yes, I understand the weight didn’t come on over night so it won’t leave that fast either but my brain doesn’t accept that. I am after all a modern woman who knows the power of her Alexia and phone apps, so why shouldn’t it be that way? Magic does exist in the form of quick information, products and results. Logically, I know that is equally insane but it’s the trap I find myself in when the scale hasn’t moved after a week of glue tasting protein shakes, salads and meal restrictions while feeling my arms hurt from pushing through ridiculously hard workouts.

I am left hangry and still not a pound lighter.

When we feel frustrated by something our first inclination is to walk away from it. Obviously, it doesn’t work or it’s simply too hard for us to achieve so why continue? There are a multitude of other things promising results or that can distract me from this problem. That’s what television streaming programs are for too. I will just start again on a new diet Monday. There is some new shake that if I drink it two times a day and eat a small dinner I will lose a lot of weight fast so I’ll just try that instead. Or my favorite way is ignoring it all until I have to go buy something to wear for somewhere nice or a work trip and find that the size label has to be up one more than last time. Then I’ll swear, cry and promise to get started right away by punishing myself with restrictive eating that day. It’s just more convenient that way after all.

Rationally, I know weight loss takes time. It can take months and years in fact. What compounds that timeline and have to keep restarting is when we try to conform to a program and are not prepared for it. We expect these immediate results not realizing we have just jumped in without any support or tools. That’s why we immediately give up at the first sign of it being hard. Before we know it we have started numerous diets, programs, pills, shakes, smoothies, and more but managed only to get fatter and more frustrated at the lack of progress. Our own impatience for having to see it now prevents us from experiencing the changes and putting in the work that make significant progress possible.

For any diet program to work, we have to first prepare our mind. If our mindset is not in complete awareness of what we are doing and committed to the path it will be as easy to give up as it is to tell Alexia to order a pizza with extra cheese. This takes some time and is not something we can just randomly say we will start on Monday. Getting rid of the Negative Nancy that most of our brains are punished to have living in that space is in fact a great deal of work. However, her eviction with the negative self-talk, self-sabotage and inability to cheer us on is critical to our short and long term success. The minute we stumble this jerk will be the voice we hear scolding us and telling us to give up now and go eat pizza on the couch with Netflix.

We have to love who we are now, with the extra weight and know that who we are isn’t better or worse if we are skinny. This is hard to do in a world that frowns on thick thighs. Yet the ability to see our own beauty and strength regardless of size and opinions of others is the process of uncovering who we really are. It is the single most important aspect of the weight loss journey too. Disconnecting our value to the number on the scale makes the process of losing weight one of personal transformation and growth rather than a punishment for stumbling.

It is essential we also prepare our body. Most of us just jump into an exercise or eating program that becomes instantly great at making us sore and hangry. Our body goes into shock and we think we must push through all of that discomfort and pain to get positive results. The no pain, no gain thinking is what creates dislike for exercise particularly and makes dieting so frustrating. We think we have to eat like we are already a size 2 in order to be a size 2. That’s now how nutrition or exercise works for lifelong results. We need vitamins, minerals, whole food, changes in how we think about food and approach fitness. Yet those changes are not usually best achieved through force that create nothing more than resentment and impossible measures to maintain.

When we don’t feel good about what we are doing we give up because we can’t keep up with it. The expectations that we can immediately perform well in zumba class, walk 10 miles a day and eat a healthy diet is ill informed. Our body has to be prepared for these changes, given reasonable and personalized goals through a series of changes that lead us to making more these larger changes, including intense exercise. Detoxing our body, softening our cells to absorb nutrients and working on our stress is setting us up for improved results before we start dieting and exercising. It’s the pre-work that gives us the structure and support we need to be successful and all of it is done within our own being.

Admitting that losing weight requires us to do preparation and outline a series of small things every day that will help us progress is maddening to a world that lives in a touch of your finger fulfillment mode. It is exactly why we find we are asking Alexia to order the latest in magical pills that will only leave us back at the start line with a new diet every Monday. Putting in the work to do it right for ourselves and with patience and consistency is against the grain I know. Yet it is where we find a new way of living that makes progress possible and heath obtainable and maintained long term.

If you are open to learn more, join me in the upcoming Metabolism and Weight Loss class. Check the schedule and register for free at

Let’s lose the weight for good and enjoy the convivences of being healthy.

Smudging the Neighborhood

I had this dream the other night I was wearing this gorgeous multi-colored maxi dress running barefoot throughout my neighborhood. Nothing unusual about that right? Just me running freely like a wild child throughout the streets going by the houses I’ve lived around for the past 15 years. The fact I was holding burning white sage above my head in both hands yelling at the negative vibes to be gone is probably weird though right?

After having this same exact dream for the next two nights, I concluded I was either using the wrong combination of essential oils in my nightstand diffuser or there was some hidden message I needed to decode. Perhaps I should also see where I could buy white sage in bulk and warn my neighbors before they called the straight jacket people too. If this was some divine calling I was supposed to be acting on I admit I was a little intimidated by the prospect. I tend to like my neighbors and hope they think me normal most of the time. This however did not sound like something that would be easily forgotten at the next neighborhood meeting. Deciphering this dream seemed important to avoid such embarrassment.

Burning white sage works to cleanse negative energies from around us. It is also commonly when you are moving into a new place to get rid of old energies. Given all the events that have occurred since 2020, I would definitely agree our world could use some white sage to cleanse the negativity, political mayhem and general chaos The idea I could cleanse my entire neighborhood from all of that and give us a chance at better by taking burning white sage down the streets could have some merit. Not sure if all my Southern neighbors would agree with my approach though. Perhaps I should start smaller by practicing in my front yard going around my house while chanting something incoherent to see what happens.

All kidding aside a good cleanse either done through white sage or physically through our body using natural products is healthy. Until we release the negativity, toxins and other things limiting our view we cannot effectively apply changes in our lives. We cannot make much progress on changes either. It is like cleaning out our closet of winter clothes to make room for pretty spring prints, including colorful maxi dresses that apparently I was dreaming of. There comes a point we all reach when we know we must change and that often includes breaking up with old habits, thoughts, patterns and things that don’t support the new vision we have for our lives and selves.

The part of the dream where I am barefoot is where the dream takes its most deepest meaning for me. I tend to walk around without shoes quite a bit so that is not unusual but it is significant in this particular dream. You know the immense pleasure of stepping barefoot into rich green grass that is both cool and comforting? It simply feels good to walk around on that grass feeling it tickle your feet. When we are barefoot in this way, we are directly connected to nature, Mother Earth. We are inviting the Earth’s natural energy into our body to radiate through our being to replenish us. This image of me going down the streets in my neighborhood barefoot is of spreading that good energy while I release the negative. A beautiful flow of out with the bad in with the good beyond that of just myself.

When we feel the healthy flood of good things in our life it becomes easier to step away from the things not serving us. We can appreciate what those old things did to bring us to this point and then peacefully see them off while we welcome new. Sometimes we need that in our lives. What we had only carried us so far and now we need new skills, new connections and new thinking to go further. The power of positive flowing up through our own being from nature makes that transition smoother. I prefer to think of it coming up through the feed because it feels within our power to create it. Whereas if it is showering down on you from your head downward it may be something you are not ready for and can feel overwhelming and hard on the shoulders.

In this dream I remember feeling energized by doing the work of getting rid of these negative feelings. It was definitely a ground up feeling where you are just happy, jubilant even. Perhaps I had good news to share? I personally think it felt like the shedding of things that were isolating and lonely from what we have all lived through the last couple years. It was my soul calling out to connect with friends again, feel a part of something bigger and meaningful that was positive. In this dream, maybe I was the positive force too.

Once you start using nature in your life consistency, it has a funny way of showing you where more work is needed. If burning sage and cleansing your space isn’t quite comfortable for you then perhaps it is cleanse of another means that is needed. These messages are important to tune into and realize it is our evolvement and transformation that it is causing so we can come deeper into that relationship with our true self. A lot of people find benefit using essential oils and natural products to help them uncover those meanings that are right for them. That’s the beauty of natural living is how personalized of an experienced it truly is for each of us.

While I sadly will not be dancing down the neighborhood streets, burning sage I am intentionally feeling the need to come outside and see my neighbors. If I had to describe the meaning of this recurring dream I would say it is representative of the need to emerge from winter and into spring with some happiness in my heart. To feel alive with the excitement of connecting with others in friendship and being kind, gentler and friendly. Kindness is the stuff that feels good when spread around anyway and our world is in dire need of major healing. Perhaps this was a message that I need to do my part in helping to grow that more in the world.

If you are open to learning more, come chat with me at

Is There Really Only Death and Taxes?

There used to be this old saying that there were really only two things in life that were certain, death and taxes. Neither are particularly pleasant so I assume whoever famously said this was not happy with his tax Form 1040 results. Given everything politically going on in our government these days not many of us are happy with our own taxes or the representatives. Is there though just two things in life and are they this dire?

It has been a hard three years in our world. In some respects a war would have been easier because we could have maybe found some ways to detach once in awhile. Going about our daily life concerned with what is going on but the ability nonetheless to do something “normal.” Some say it will take a war to end what is happening in our world too. This pandemic touched every single one of us in more ways than one and there were very few ways to physically or emotionally detach. We felt it economically, mentally, physically and spiritually. Many of our lives are forever changed as a result. Yet, I tend to believe it is not the virus that did that so much as us. Certainly, this illness started it but our own reaction and response were in so many ways worse than a raging war.

There was a meme on social media I saw that said our government successfully made us afraid of air. It was funny but yet sadly true. We have lived in deep fear for the past three years. Fear of hugging someone. Fear of showing our face to smile at another. Fear of seeing our children interact and play with each other. Fear of where our world was headed. Fear of how to protect ourselves. Fear of each other. We have become divided through our fears and we fear breathing deeply which only serves to make it all seems worse.

If we could only write a check to make it go away, I’m sure most of us would at this point. It is intolerable to watch news. Social media is pitted where friendships crumble at the slightest offense. No one is interested in perspectives that are different than their own. There is frustration, name calling and bias that overrides any attempt at communication, respect and collaboration. It is enough to make us all jaded to the degree of the famously quoted, “There is but death and taxes.” Certainly, there is not the ability to socially figure out this problem and find reasonable solutions or is there?

Where I think it hurts the most in our society is how our children are seeing this as an example for how they should live in the future. When things get hard it is easier to rage out at someone else, passing blame and bullying them into your way of thinking through mandates and laws that serve an agenda rather than the people. The labor of pulling together to collaborate and look at multiple perspectives falls on deaf ears. The rise of bullying and paying for it financially alive and well. Perhaps there is only death and taxes.

When we are in fear we don’t think clearly. Our hearts race faster as we move in a fight or flee state. We are desperate and seeking whatever looks like the quickest way out of the darkness. Our calm rationale is simmered under the pressure of fear because it is uncomfortable and as humans we despise uncomfortable. Long ago in the past are the resilient people who didn’t have the comforts of air conditioning, internet and streaming entertainment. They had time to figure things out. We don’t. The thinking of a need it now society with everything at our fingertips has left us blind to the reality of how to solve complex problems.

I believe people before us also had fear but they had unity of knowing we had each other to count on when it really mattered. We also had the freedom to do what we thought best. Today those ideals are bullied, shamed and ostracized for being non-conforming. It is what divides us rather than unifies us in the time of needs. There is too much and yet too little information out there guiding us to our true North or at least greatly clouding the way.

I think it comes down to decency in what we believe is right and wrong. Behind the fear and rage of anger is our own values in what that looks like. We can blame the everyone gets a trophy thinking, our parents, the government and more but it ultimately still comes down to each of us. What we choose to do with ugliness in the world that has led us to this point. We can live as if there is only death and taxes or we can create beauty. We can live in fear of the latest variation of an illness or we can rebuild our relationships and live contently. It doesn’t mean fear still won’t be in our life but it won’t be the driver anymore.

The audacity to live well and by our own making is a challenge many of us will immediately look at and think we can’t do it. That is simply too hard and we’re not up for it. This is where fear once again threatens us, by holding us back. We want the rewards for the work now, paid forward to us. The rest will fall in place and live should not be that hard anyway, right? Quick, easy and without the sweat of our brow. We are too busy for anything less and lack the patience to thoughtfully think about it more deeply. For those that don’t agree with us they are simply ignorant and not as advanced as we. We should tax them for their ignorance.

Looking objectively at it all makes me realize how detached we are from nature. We have lost our ability to connect at a most primal level and flow through complex winters and transitions of seasons peacefully. Instead we are impatient and restless rushing through the seasons to suit our purposes. What are we really in a hurry for though? There is really just death and taxes right?

If you are open to learning about how to live more naturally, please reach out to me at


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