Financial Freedom Through Living Naturally – Part 1 VLOG

Today’s vlog is part one of a three part series looking at how we can obtain true financial freedom by changing how we live. This series is not about being independently wealthy or winning the lotto but how in every day life we can dramatically shift our financial situations by being who we really are inside.

It is my opinion the majority of debt we incur is associated with not honoring our true self. There are times we all go into debt and that can be the right choice when it is based on our true alignment of heart, mind, body and budget.

The content of this blog is provided in a VLOG video available here:

What Living Naturally Free Feels Like

There are so many ways we can describe freedom. It’s a sensation, experience, feeling and emotion with many sides and deeply held personal beliefs. It is a powerful word that instills in us pride, encouragement, motivation and action. Free is an energy that underlines and emphasizes what we do next. It is the goal and also the plan. It is the sweetest fruit that awakens all your senses leaving your craving more.

Freedom doesn’t mean it’s free because if it was it wouldn’t be ours, personalized and custom to our exact specifications in our own dream. It would instead be someone else’s interpretation of our dream and it would never feel free it would feel like a gift. The feelings associated with free would never be realized. While we may appreciate the gift it would never be a true sensation of freedom we each deserve to achieve in our own way. That to me means freedom is hard earned, pursued until we don’t think we can take one more step and dreamed of non-stop.

Most of us will spend our lifetime never feeling free. It is challenging to find freedom at the bottom of an endless to-do list we built or large mortgage payment we struggle to pay each month or the constant running to and from youth sports games. We chose those things because they are important right? We did what we thought were right because that’s what you’re supposed to do. You are supposed to be busy where you don’t have any time to yourself, in debt that you have no hope of ever repaying and your kids should be in every program possible so they have the right opportunities in life. That’s how it’s supposed to be right? This is what defines a good life. Why are we instead more depressed, sad, anxious and stressed than any other population that has lived before us? Why don’t we feel free? Why is there only exhaustion that leaves us unfulfilled rather than a fire in our belly driving us to greater things?

I believe there is a difference between having to do something and if that task is helping us build freedom or just survive the day. When I looked at my own to-do list with that perspective the majority of it was not helping me advance towards having a free life. I don’t know that this means I will ever be free of having to do laundry but I think it can mean that a lot of other things in my life are supporting me living my best life more often. It’s the day I wake up on my own without an alarm and work full time on my business but I can control my schedule and still have ample to pay the bills. It’s creating the dream life that is truly my own dream and not the one I’m supposed to have for my age, career, family size, partner choice, college career, and other societal pressure defined element.

Freedom is a word that I believe synonymous with natural. We even see these words together quite a bit on products. Free and natural. Natural and free. When we have one we have the other. I believe when you have them both you have the ability to build and create even more of it in your life. That first little taste of natural freedom is like a favorite dessert that you cannot wait to get another bite from. It is an opening of a large heavy door where behind it lay all the things dreams are made of and that you could possibly imagine. The only way to unlock the door and get it open is by our own work to find the key and pushing to open it.

The beauty of freedom’s pursuit is there is no one way to achieve it. That’s the pleasure of it as it can’t just be something you observe someone else doing and copy that. Some of that will work but ultimately you’ll be needing your own map to find your own way to your freedom. That map is already inside waiting to be unfolded and only requires us each to sit deeply with our own being to define what is on the map, what we deeply crave and have never told anyone and what it looks like while choosing what we are willing to step away from currently to work on that. Freedom is asking each of us to shape it to our own dream and never give up hope of achieving it.

When I began my living natural journey I thought I was just swapping out some cleaners in my home to be more conscious of what we were using. I had no idea that underneath that change was a map to what I would find contained freedom. I wasn’t only gaining freedom from products that were garbage to myself, my family and the environment but I was gaining freedom on what it meant to live with what is right for me. I could craft my entire home to be natural, saving my family money to us for other ways we could be free. I realized I could help others do this too through a business of my own that would also one day give my family financial freedom. I started to develop hope which led to motivation to pursue a dream to live life more to my terms.

Touching freedom is much like coming awake and splashing your face with the most pure, cold water you’ve ever felt. It is energizing and refreshing. Afterwards you see normal things for what they truly are … normal. It’s like seeing a beautiful piece of fruit and biting into it realizing it’s tasteless instead of delicious. You see others busy and exhausted running in circles and want to help them see what you see. You breathe deeper, sleep better and while you too also have some busy things you begin to see how you can change those to your own control. You find fruit that fills your senses and feeds a hunger for real things in your life that are precious, impactful and supportive. Things start to transform and shift so they feel more like you and less like another chore. You’re calmer and more attune with yourself moving in a way that serves what you need to do while knowing how it will ultimately help you continue feeling this way. This is living naturally free.

It starts with a Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire that can show you the start of your map. Take it for free here:

What Real Freedom from Debt Feels Like

There is a lot of financial advice in the world that can be overwhelming and difficult to apply to your situation. It is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re buried under debt and obligations that feel like you cannot breathe. It is also hard to make some of the choices necessary to keep focused on paying down that debt when other opportunities seem to come up. I consider it similar to dieting and achieving good health. If it were easy we wouldn’t have the obesity problem we do in this country. We also wouldn’t have people buried under debt from health needs and emotional circumstances. We wouldn’t have the debt crisis we see in our nation today.

I don’t think socialism is the answer to these problems. Giving up our freedom to have someone else make choices that are right for a common good doesn’t feel right to me. What if you are not common? What if you want or need something different? What if you like living your own life without being questioned about it? There maybe isn’t one good answer that fits everyone or every situation. We are all different and have different needs in our life. I think that’s the point where we lose the ability to say socialism is the right answer for our country. Regardless of your political party perspective I think these larger questions are something all of us need to sit deeply with and determine if long term that really is the right answer or if we’re just caught up in emotion. Seeking temporary relief sometimes drives us to consequences we cannot undo later.

That’s the funny thing about debt and money is it’s interlocking relationship to our emotions. We sometimes struggle with balancing the emotional aspects of a purchase that leads to debt with the rational side of ourselves that says there might be a different way. Then when we are in debt we are emotionally drained from the burden of how we overcome that circumstance. A circumstance of our own making but at that point we are desperate for relief and willing to forego more of our freedom to get it. The problem though started well before that debt. It started when we signed away our freedom to take on that debt at the beginning.

As I hear the news of all the people talking about their student debts I have to wonder where it all stems from. Are we not teaching our children about money decisions or are you not giving them solid examples? Are we giving them bad advice because we also struggle with making those same decisions? Maybe these are truly extraordinary circumstances but that can’t be true for everyone. In my own opinion this seems to be a root problem of us not living in alignment with nature and instead following society should, must and have to pressures. It is also indicative of our own unwillingness or admission that we were irresponsible.

Yes that made me gulp deep too.

We are all guilty of following what’s popular or what people think we should be doing. Going to great schools, getting married, having kids, and on and on. We all want to fit in and not be seen as the weird person who is different. Yet the ramifications are we are going into debt we cannot be responsible for and more importantly we are silencing who we are inside. We are missing out evolving and being us in own uniqueness and beauty on top of living in a way that is unnatural. Sometimes we have to make different choices in what is right for us and that means changing our college plans or the type and size of our home or what type of car we buy. That decision is monetary as much as it is emotional but the thing that ties emotions and money together is listening to what is right for us not someone else. It directly means forgetting what people may think and buying an off-label item that is affordable in our budget. I believe doing anything else robs us of our joy in life and leaves us with regrets in the long run. I believe joy is best experienced and found when we live in natural alignment to our true selves and needs.

Here’s my truth when it comes to debt. It may not be what is right for you but I ask you to consider this for a moment. What if instead of listening to what we should do and how we should live we made that decision based on what is right for us individually? When my son who is now 8 comes home and asks for Air Pods, a cell phone and some other cool trendy toy the boy down the street has I ask him this question. “Are you really wanting that because you love it, need it or because someone else has it?”

This past summer he wanted a hover board. He wanted one so badly it was all he talked about for weeks. The boy down the street had gotten one for his birthday and it was all our son could see as what he needed too. Finally given the cost was over $200 we told him to save his own money for it because it wasn’t something we could afford or felt would be a good use of money. He saved birthday money, asked for jobs to earn money and all else and he did save over $200. We asked him at that point if he still wanted a hover board and he said no. More than 6 months after Christmas that money is still in an envelope and he asked me recently to cross off hover board from the envelop and just have it say “money.” He has no plans right now for what he’d like but it’s not a hover board anymore.

That’s the thing with big and small purchases. We get so wrapped up in the now and the glitter of it that we forget to think if it’s right for us. We think we need it because everyone is getting one. We think we need to go to a top rated school even though most jobs just care that you have a degree and not where it came from. The end result is the amount of debt you’re willing to take on for a salary that will be about the same long term as if you went to a school that didn’t cost so much or that it took you longer to complete while you worked to pay for it. I get that it’s a hard pill to swallow. I get it means saying no and being different. I also get that it means being true to what is right in your life and accepting responsibility for the choices and consequences of those decisions. The more aligned those decisions are to our true self the easier that responsibility feels, even the debt.

Are you are listening to your own gut and instinct in your financial choices? Are you living your own truth and doing what it is right for you? That could very well look like you are foregoing things now to repay debt so you can be free in life. I can think of nothing else as valuable as our freedom when it comes to things we can purchase or choices we can make in our life. Freedom doesn’t come when we give it away for relief of something we no longer want to deal with, like debt.

Living natural when it comes to money means listening to our own voice and heart. Making choices that are our own and living in peace with what that means. It is being responsible in honoring our debts and using money in a way that promotes what we truly want and need in our life. More money never made anyone more happy, fulfilled or complete. Give yourself a life you are proud of and that makes you happy. Status goes away when something else trendy comes on the scene. Degrees go in the bottom of drawers and are replaced with pictures of memories, loved ones and things that matter in life.

Living in what is true and right for you means sticking with the debt you’re in now and seeing it through and making responsible choices upfront before taking it on. Using that experience to grow in what it is you want in your life and working non-stop until you get there. Also, it is realizing that letting someone bail you out doesn’t give us that same satisfaction as burning the paper from the original loan on your student debt or mortgage or car lien when you’ve made that last payment. It is experiencing true freedom in your finances that empower you to live naturally on your terms.

Living naturally on your terms is real freedom. Learn more by following Dragonspit Apothecary on social media or on our blog.

2020 Wellness Box Challenge – July

I think we tend to forget what FREE really means. How many times have you been drawn into something that was supposed to be free and it wasn’t really or what was free wasn’t worth it? I’ve fallen for it many times. Back when I used to clip coupons for my family the buy one get one free coupons were my favorites. Most of the time though it was on something we didn’t use that often or the price on it didn’t really save me that much. Free is one of those words that seems to be thrown around so much it can lose it’s value. We don’t instantly think of positive when the word free is involved.

Here’s what I mean by FREE – it’s living naturally, being financially free with no debt, and being able to experience the life we all crave inside. It’s letting go what isn’t serving us from realizing that real happiness in life. This is so much bigger than the little chintzy sales pressure use of this important word. It’s power, empowerment and liberation. Choosing a wellness box based on that was tough because there are so many options to choose. It’s the ability to customize for you able experience what it means to live naturally free from day 1.

To honor the word FREE and your experience of living naturally with this word, I’ve chosen to describe the value of what this means when you use doTERRA. If you haven’t heard about doTERRA let’s start there first. It is a natural health company focused on bringing the best of nature from around the globe to you. They are in my mind the leader in living what they offer and making this world a better place. In everything they do there is transparency, integrity and attention to quality. That alone is impressive and we haven’t even talked about their products yet. If you want to learn more about this company check them out here:

When you use doTRERA products you are helping families just like your own. Beyond the benefits of these incredible products to me that is the biggest value. I know with every supplement, soap, lotion, cleaner and oil I use I’m directly helping another family. Given the choice of giving my money to a mega corporation to help their stock prices or a family I think it’s an easy decision.

To help you get what is important to you and your family and not something that isn’t a perfect fit that’s where the free Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire comes in. This is a short survey to get at the heart of what is important to you. From there doTERRA natural products are aligned to those specific interests and needs and we work a plan to your budget. That’s right I’m not interested in seeing you not be able to afford something I know is going to help you. I work alongside you in this process to help you build your natural health tools and support you with informational and educational resources so you can get what you need and what you can afford. The beauty of living natural is not that it costs more but rather that it cost less and it’s right for you. You can take the Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire here:

You get a detailed free report outlining a strategy based on your responses to the questions. We can shift and modify where you want but the result is a fully personalized strategy for you that will carry you through the next 3 to 6 months. Then we update it based on what’s next for you at that point. You pick what is right for you and I help you find the right tools and products to fulfill those needs while also supporting you in using them safely for maximum benefit.

The reason I say doTERRA costs less is not only because we can work within your budget needs but you can actually earn free products that you pick out and that are right for you. The doTERRA loyalty program earns you points back up to 30% on every order along with reimbursement in points from shipping. Those points accumulate and you use them on any monthly order you want to reduce monthly costs, pick up gift items or for the oils and products that are out of your price range. Many health savings accounts also allow for using those funds to pay for your monthly doTERRA order. (Check with your benefit administrator to verify your health savings account allows for this and if not ask that it be added)

Living naturally free to me means absolutely including natural products that support my health in the best way possible. It is seeing these products as tools to help my body heal, reduce risk of illness and disease and live my best life for as long as possible. Knowing I can control my own health physically, emotionally and spiritually is living freely to do what is right for me. This reduces the burden on our healthcare system while reducing cost out of my pocket. That is true freedom and I know its possible from my own experience these past 3 years.

The best way to know it for yourself is to try it. Click here to get started:

The other aspect of living naturally free is I can build a life helping others live their best life. Having a life on your terms is one of the most direct ways we can experience freedom. To find out more take the New Leader Assessment here to see what is right for you:

July Natural News

When I choose the word FREE as this month’s 2020 Wellness Challenge I wasn’t thinking of July 4th or other historic events though they do seem to align. When I sat to build out the theme for each month FREE came up as a result of the work we have been doing to this point. RENEW, LOVE, MOVE, GROW, BUILD and now FREE. It had flow, intention and purpose when I think of the journey that brings up through a challenge.

If I look at history and so many things in our very own lives we can see these same processes that lead us to a point we feel free. We feel liberated from things that were holding us back, limiting our choices or restricting us from dreams. FREE is the pinnacle point where those challenges are overcome and we can see a new view that is all we’ve imagined and more. It is what we emerge from to feel that sense of accomplishment. We know our journey is not done but we are recharged and renewed through this moment of feat.

The full moon this month which occurs on July 4 is known as the Buck Moon. This is the month where male deer begin to have their antlers emerge. It is a full moon for relaxing, resting and recharging because new work will be coming. For a deer it is the need to rest before they mate and store up what they need for winter. For us it is normally about summer vacations, fun and lazy days by water. We let go or at least loosen as much as we can the burdens we carry normally and take more breaks along the day. We feel a need to take days off or leave work early to enjoy some of summer’s beautiful weather.

July is a powerful month in drawing us in to summer’s sweetness for what life should feel like more often. The allure of being by a beach, eating watermelon at a picnic table, camping, grilling outside or even just hanging out with friends on a patio watching the sun set are all ways we hear nature calling us back to simpler lifestyles. It is almost impossible for anyone to say living natural is not for them! All of these feelings, sensations and experiences are what FREE feels like. In that respect it’s why I associate FREE with living natural.

As we become more casual, laid back and live up the leisurely days of summer I encourage you to look for ways this month makes you feel more FREE than any other time in the year. Are you craving a day off to hit the beach? Maybe you’re taking your family vacation this month. Most of us will do at least some of our activities outside this time of year so we will be touching, feeling and smelling all of summer and allowing it to heal, support and recharge us. How is nature influencing that experience for you?

For me, living naturally in this time means slowing down, looking for what we appreciate in our life and recharging from what maybe has been draining us lately. It’s time for a break and re-connection to what makes our soul feel it’s best. I believe when we use nature’s messages in our every day living we feel our best more often and we find even more ways to experience what nature offers directly. This is why reducing our toxic load in our body, mind and spirit is so important. Removing those barriers to feeling good allows us to hear nature more clearly and move towards it. It’s much a kin to switching to solar panels for controlling the temperature on your house. In this case we have always been connected to the sun but sometimes we forget we need that charge from it when we are running low on energy.

I hope you get some fun memories in July that fill your heart. I also hope you feel nature at it’s fullest and it gives you that sense of what it means to be FREE.

Be sure to follow me all month to work through how you can live more naturally FREE every day. Subscribe to my blog and YouTube today! You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily support.

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