What I Know About Healthy Natural Living

Health sometimes seems like this thing we only hear about when it is not well. 2020 certainly had a focus on it and changed so much of our day-to-day living. Even then though all the news centered on health was for protection and again it all seemed so negative. Could this be because we onlyContinue reading “What I Know About Healthy Natural Living”

The Perils of the Grocery Store

When we want to improve our health most of us usually start with the grocery store and look at things we buy to eat. However, do you know what is really in your food and if it is actually helping you achieve those goals? In today’s Tune in Tuesday, we’re talking food. Where we getContinue reading “The Perils of the Grocery Store”

The Magic Health Within You

I love when I see a commercial or someone online trying to tell me this pill, shake or workout is the one magic pill I need to lose weight. Just add this scoop of stuff to your morning coffee and you’ll burn fat. Use this workout for just 20 minutes a day and watch itContinue reading “The Magic Health Within You”

Finding Your Healthy Passion

There is a saying that goes you are either an entrepreneur or you work for one. Meaning there is no inbetween when it comes to how we earn money. We are either making it happen on our own or we go work for someone else who has figured something out that we can help themContinue reading “Finding Your Healthy Passion”

Dieting Forgiveness

Feeling guilty about the last attempt to diet left me feeling rather grumpy with myself. Why couldn’t I just do it and stick with it? Why did Ruffles potato chips have to be on sale this week? They are my ultimate weak spot with a tub of french onion dip. All was going ok untilContinue reading “Dieting Forgiveness”