Royal Osmanthus

Osmanthus is a popular plant ingredient in many natural health and beauty products. More commonly known as the tea olive plant, this warm weather tropical plant is native originally to western China. Today, there are at least 35 variations of the plant and it is commonly used in landscaping in the southern regions of theContinue reading “Royal Osmanthus”

Old Man’s Pepper

Yarrow has many fun and interesting nicknames such as Old Man’s Pepper, Soldier’s Woundwort, Knight’s Milfoil, and Devil’s Nettle. Many of these names come from the purpose for which the plant was used in the times when natural medicine was the only medicine available. Most notably it is said yarrow is what Achilles used toContinue reading “Old Man’s Pepper”

The Poor Man’s Rose

The geranium flower is known as the Poor Man’s Rose. It is an economical plant to include in gardens and has a long bloom period to stretch out the color. The shape and scent is often compared to that of a rose giving it the nickname of being the Poor Man’s Rose. Geraniums are aContinue reading “The Poor Man’s Rose”

The Power of Lavender

Lavender is easily the most popular scent in our products today. From cleaners to personal care items it is a tantalizing aroma we are naturally drawn to. We love this scent for it’s delicacy and pleasantness that brings about that moment of intentional pause to take it in. I have a couple lavender plants inContinue reading “The Power of Lavender”


April Showers bring May Flowers! I love seeing the flowers bloom in early spring. Our yard becomes a kaleidoscope of color against an emerging green backdrop. Flowers play such an important role in our life from making us feel good when we receive a bouquet, watching stalks bloom from plants we have tended to allContinue reading “May SPECIALS”